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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been bustin’ a gut to get eating healthier and to get into shape for the Summer and my Summer holiday. Sometimes that can be hard and sometimes you need a little helping hand and for me when I get those sweet cravings there’s been one thing I’ve been reaching for; the Mini:Bar from Mini:V Nutrition. I’ve reviewed a couple of the Mini:V products on the blog before and this time around I thought I’d discuss their latest releases and new online subscription!

Starting with the Mini:Bar the new Vanilla Choc Chip flavour is literally to die for. I wasn’t too keen on the Chocolate Orange one because personally a fruity/chocolate mixture has never been my thing, but this Vanilla concoction is honestly so good that I’m about to place an order for some more. They fill me up when I’m craving a sweet snack and completely stop me from eating everything in sight when I’m ravenous between meals. Not to mention, their full of protein and are designed to keep you going between workouts. The Mini:Bar in Vanilla Chocolate Chip has to be my favourite Mini:V product by far! 

Up next is Mini:Tone, a new supplement to add to the brand’s ever growing range of products. This one is designed to do what it says on the bottle: help tone! ‘Perfect for muscle toning, muscle repair and muscle maintenance’ these tabs are great alongside workouts to help enhance your muscles and toning. I’ve been using these for a couple of weeks now alongside my workouts and I must say that I’ve seen more of an improvement quickly in my stomach and arms since taking them. It may also be in my head more but I feel like they help reduce the two day muscle pain after working out, repairing my muscles quicker.

Mini:V have also recently released two  other new products / features on the site. The first being Mini:Chips which come in two flavours (Barbecue or Sour cream) and also the online subscription service. Now when I first heard that they had started a sub service I was a little sceptical, at the moment they seem to be all the rage and too expensive for most people to use on a monthly basis, but Mini:V is different. From £2.99 a month you can get full access to the sites workouts, meal plans and recipe videos and for an extra £1 a month yo also get a unique 40% off voucher code to use on products on the site. Which I think is an absolute bargain! The workout videos are great to work alongside and teach you the movements as you go and the recipe videos are great for cooking alongside. I love that they’re ‘real’ meals too, you know, ones your actually going to want to cook! I think it’s such a great service and I absolutely love the on-demand feature, you can work out when you want and theres no pressure. I really like what Vicky and the Mini:V  team have come up with here!

Have you tried any of the products or the on-demand service before?


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