Live Love London Lipsticks

If you follow my blog religiously, or even just every now and again (if not you can do here) then you will probably notice a running theme through most of my beauty posts: I like lipsticks. A lot. I have far more than anyone actually needs (as Jordan likes to point out quite often) and yet I still can’t help myself when it comes to buying more, as many beauty bloggers find. It’s an unhealthy, expensive obsession but I still can’t quite help myself when a new shade or brand crosses my path. Live Love London are the latest brand that I’ve come across and I have to say that when they were initially sent to me I was equally as excited as I was nervous; these are some very bright colours! However having played around with them for a bit I’ve come to the conclusion that these lipsticks are nothing less than gorgeous. The bright colours and amazing pigmentation make these perfect for a quick application. From the selection that I was sent above two are matte colours (the red and purple) and the other two are slightly more glossy with the baby pink being full of sparkles. They are super long lasting and really don’t budge once you put them on! I’m really loving these lipsticks. You can pick these up exclusively in BHS stores around the country.


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