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So as many of you may know in May I am flying off to Florida with my boyfriend (if you want to meet him you can here); we’ll be gone for two whole weeks and to say I am excited is a massive understatement. Even though our time in Florida will mainly be spent in the many theme parks (hello Disney World and Universal!) it is also a holiday and I’m definitely going to want to relax by the pool too. Relaxing by the pool means one thing in my head and that is working hella hard before we go to make sure I look good in those bikinis. Now, I’ve followed a couple of fitness plans recently (you may remember my Winter Wonderbody Challenge) and I regularly go to Bootcamp and Personal Training but for the next 6 weeks I’ll be completing a plan from Results With Lucy. I’ve eyed up this programme for a while now and after reading Lucy Mecklenburgh’s book ‘Be Body Beautiful’ last year I have wanted to try out the Results With Lucy website and plans more ever since. Luckily being a blogger does occasionally have some really cool perks and I was offered to trial the Beach Body plan ahead of it’s release over the next few months. Unfortunately that does mean that its not currently available for you lovely lot to follow at the same time as me just yet but if you check out the Results With Lucy Plans you can find some other great plans for you to get stuck into too. They have  great selection of different types of plans and you can choose anything from beginners to an intense 12 week ‘6 pack abs’ program. I really like that this doesn’t have to be a month subscription too; a lot of the plans are to a set time frame (just like my 6 week Beach Body Plan) which you pay for in full up front.

Today is the day I show you my ‘before’ photos. Now, I’m by no means fat (and I just want to emphasise that I do know this) but I have been strongly hating on my body for a while now. I’ve been a lazy binge eater since Christmas and I’ve put on lots of extra ‘wobbly’ weight around my stomach, bum, thighs and oh my God don’t even get me started on those love handles! I was slowly becoming aware of how much weight I actually had put on but these photos really have woken me up to how unhealthy I really was being. The old ‘I did a squat, I can eat a donut now’ was something that I was foolishly living by and I am so grateful that I’ve now snapped out of that silly mindset. So below are the photos I took before starting the RWL Beach Body Plan on Monday of this week and I have to say that even though it’s only been 5 days, I’m already starting to see a difference in my shape! I am a size 8 currently but was definitely heading towards the size 10 marker around my thighs! As you can see there’s quite a lot of extra ‘flab’ around my stomach and waist area and that is definitely something that I want to tone up during the next six weeks. I’ve never wanted to be stick thin, but to be svelt and toned is something that I do strive for and I know it’s something that I can get to with working out and eating healthily.

Eating is something that as I’ve mentioned above, I have struggled with recently. I’ve had a dificult couple of months in my personal life and thats meant that all I’ve wanted to eat is chicken super noodles on toast with an absolute f*ck tonne of cheese melted on top (it may sound disgusting but believe me it is the ultimate cheat meal). The Results with Lucy plans are designed with not only the exercises but also eating plans in mind. As part of their ‘Eat Well’ section there is an array of recipes and meal plans to follow to get the most out of your food and exercise combined. After all, weight loss is 80% what you eat! I’m a really fussy eater in general but I’ve found that the recipes are great for people like me. I’ve found meal plans really difficult in the past because the food is always too fancy and full of things that I don’t like, but with the Eat Well Plan on the RWL website there’s something for everyone and ‘boring’ food is made in the most delicious and exciting ways. I’ve actually been loving waking up and eating breakfast (something that I never normally do) and having exciting starts to my day with Greek Yoghurt & Berries or a ‘Breakfast Roughie’ and my evening meals have never been more delicious! The meals and recipes are so easy to follow and so quick to make. I’ve been really enjoying cooking new things again and eating meals that are more than just goujons and chips! Below is a mini collage of some of the meals I’ve eaten this week! I started off with oatmeal chicken (chicken breast covered in porridge oats) and then going from left to right I had: Steak with Sweet Potato and Feta mash and veg (this mashed potato is to die for), My Breakfast Roughie and the last photo is of a lunch I had one day this week: left over steak with smushed avocado, feta and spinach! I don’t think I’ve ever had my plates looking so colourful!

I’m so determined to stick to this plan and I’m actually really excited for how this is not only going to change my body but also my lifestyle and mindset. I never knew that eating healthy could be so adventurous and so tasty and I am loving this new change that I’m going through! I’ll be posting my next post around the 3 week mark into my Beach Body Plan and will be updating you on how I’m getting on with the workouts, the differences I’m seeing in my body and the meals that I’ve been loving! Don’t forget to check out and look into signing up if you’re not already. I’m enjoying this so much more than a gym (in fact I’ve actually cancelled my gym membership now) and I can’t wait to see the results in the next few weeks!


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