Five things to be Happy About

When I first received my Blogger Journal (available here) I absolutely loved the fact that it came with a page full of fool proof blog post ideas, something that I have definitely been needing at the moment. It’s not that I’ve got bloggers block exactly, it’s just that I want to give you something a little bit different to what I usually write. I’m very conscious that I’ve done a lot of lipstick posts lately and even though I love writing about lipsticks, sometimes its nice to mix things up a bit. So today is ‘five things to be happy about’, a little chatty lifestyle post. I haven’t been having the happiest of starts to the year so I thought I would do this post as a little reminder to myself to keep me a little more cheery!

1. I have just had the best weekend with friends. Jordan’s best friend from school and his fiancee came to Manchester for the weekend for drinks and shopping and I literally had the best weekend that I’ve had in ages. I didn’t know Danny and Stacey before they came over but I have to say that we all got on like a house on fire (such a strange saying). We went out for drinks in Alchemist on the Friday evening, had an afternoon at the Trafford Centre (haul coming soon) and then went out to Tiger Tiger on Saturday evening and had such a messy night – for those of you following my snapchat story, I do not know how my lipstick got smudged all around my face, but I hope that you enjoyed my singing! For those of you who do not follow me on SC – you can by adding me: beky_morris – you’re welcome. It was the best weekend I’ve had in a long time and I can’t wait until they come over again, although maybe a quiet one in next time, 2 day hangovers are not the one!

2. I found a pair of Denim shorts in Zara that fit me perfectly and do not make me look or feel fat / inadequate / like I have thunder thighs at all. They’re what I’ve been searching for for so long and I cannot believe how unbelievably happy they make me. You can find these here.

3. My holiday to Disney World is now under 2 months away. As I write this I have 1 month and 29 days until we jet off and this makes me incredibly happy. I am so in need of a holiday and I can’t wait to be the worlds biggest kid with Jordan and go mental in the parks! Also. Sephora. I can’t wait to hit up Sephora!! I’ve already been looking online for what to buy so feel free to leave me some products in the comments that I should get!

4. My parents are coming up to visit over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend and I am so excited to just spend four whole days with them. Since moving to Manchester I’ve struggled with homesickness quite badly and even though I managed to hide it for quite some time recently all I’ve wanted to do is be with them and at home. So to give us the best of both worlds whilst Jordan is working away over the Easter holiday they are coming to stay with me! I can’t wait to show them more of Manchester and to just have some really nice family time with them.

5. Last but not least, my fifth thing to be happy about at the moment is the Sun. Something that probably sounds a little silly but I am always honestly a million times happier when the Sun properly starts to appear again. I feel like I just have so much more energy and so much more ‘get up and go’ when the Sun is shining and I can’t wait to be able to wear more Summer clothes and have more time in the day to do things!

I hope you have liked this post! It’s something a little different for me but I think I’m going to start incorporating a couple more of these posts into my blog in the future as I really enjoy reading them and writing them!


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