A Trio of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is such a hot topic at the moment, especially in my household, well, especially with me. Over the last couple of months I’ve tried a range over different products and I have to say I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised with the results. I’ve never wanted to try any kind of teeth whitening before with fear of splashing too much cash or ending up looking like Simon Cowell but with these three easy high-street products I really don’t know what I was thinking. First up is Blanx White Shock toothpaste, an extremely bright blue toothpaste that whitens your teeth as you brush! Unlike some other whitening pastes, this one actually can be used to clean your teeth and not just as an after thought, which I have to admit I do often forget about. I’ve been using this every day for the last couple of weeks and even though I don’t think it’s the whitest of all whites I have seen a slight difference in my teeth. I really do think that after using this continuously for a couple more months, they’ll be the sparkling the way I hope they will be!

Next on my list is Boom Tooth Tabs from Lush. Now, these bad boys scared me so much when I picked them up in store that I almost didn’t buy them, but with a little persuasion from my friend Stacey I picked up a packet and have been extremely happy with the results so far. When I use these I’m probably a little too thorough, but I first start off with brushing my teeth as normal, the pop one of these (not so) delightful tasting tablets in my mouth, crush a little with my teeth and brush with my toothbrush as usual. I then brush my teeth again to get rid of the black which does make the process a little long but all in all the results are probably the best I’ve seen. The only downside, like with all of these ‘quick and easy’ teeth whitening products is that you can only really see the results if you keep going with the tabs every day. I’ve found that as soon as I’ve stopped my teeth aren’t as bright as when I do brush with this every morning. 

Last but not least in this trio of teeth whitening products is MintyCoco, an oil pulling treatment that you are supposed to use every morning before brushing your teeth for 5-15 minutes. I was very generously gifted a two week packet of these sachets to trial a couple of weeks back and I have to admit that even though they made my teeth shine after every use, the idea of using this every morning definitely put me off. Instead I’ve been using this in the evening in preparation for a night out and I really have been loving the results. One thing that I would say though is that for the price of the packs, I do think that you could probably just use regular coconut oil. I really hate having to write something negative about a product but at the end of the day I do think that this is just a bit of a clever marketing campaign for a product that can already be easily accessed by the masses. Minty Coco is a great product that works and does have a lovely taste thanks to the inclusion of the minty taste but I personally don’t think it’s one for me. Although my teeth do look amazing after using it ad I would recommend it for the great taste!

What products have you used for whitening your teeth? Are there any more that you’d recommend?

You can pick up MintyCoco here, Blanx here and Lush Tabs here!


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