What I got up to Valentines Day Weekend

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As Jordan and I are going to Disney World in May we decided to not go all out for Valentines Day. This meant no presents and no extravagant spending, just a day spent together. I honestly really enjoyed it and it was so nice to just have a bit of fun time out together with not having to spend much money. On Saturday we were invited to go along to Cirque in Manchester for their Valentines evening. We really didn’t know what to expect and were just excited for trying something different together; It was a really great night and surprisingly we actually loved the change. Cirque Manchester is located just outside of the City Centre, a short Uber trip away in an old fire house and is very well hidden. From the outside you wouldn’t even tell that something was going on inside let alone that it housed a burlesque club and bar! Burlesque is something that I think can be a little taboo, its seen as sexy and perverted by many people and I actually don’t think a lot of people can appreciate the art of it. We were actually supposed to go with two other friends but after looking into what the night would be I think the thought of Burlesque and the image that first comes to mind at the thought of that put them off. One of my favourite films is Burlesque, starring Cher and Christina Aguilera and throughout the night a fair few of the songs and dances were used as part of the performance. It was a lovely surprise to know most of the songs and it really made me feel at ease and enjoy the performance a lot more than I thought I would. It was a great night out and I really recommend it if you’re looking for something new for you and your girlfriends to do on a night out or even for you and your partner to enjoy together. Jordan and I had a lovely time and it wasn’t awkward or weird at all to be watching it with him. The venue layout inside also played a big part of the comfort of the evening, it wasn’t your stereotypical proscenium staging and in fact was more like sitting in a mini club with sofas all around and a ‘dance floor’ in the middle where the performances took place. It was a great atmosphere and even though there was the tiny fear of audience interaction (which was only the odd wink or cheeky comment to the males) I thoroughly enjoyed our evening there. 

On Sunday Jordan and I drove to Knowsley and hopped on the Baboon Bus at Knowsley Safari Park; Jordan is a massive animal lover and I knew this would be the perfect day out for us to spend together. With fear of risking my car’s beauty we pre-booked onto the Baboon Bus before we arrived and drove around the Safari park in true style (think Mini Bus with ropes attached) and I am so glad that we did! For an extra £5 onto our tickets we could both enjoy seeing all of the animals and it meant I could concentrate on taking photos of our day instead of worrying about driving around the busy trail! I’m not a massive animal fan but even I loved seeing everything so close up and it got me so much more excited for our Safari in Animal Kingdom when we head to Florida. Jordan however was really excited and enjoyed every second of it; having the monkeys jumping all over our bus and swinging on the ropes just outside of the windows was such a cool experience. We even managed to catch the last Sea Lion show of the day and watch as Arthur the Sea Lion performed some pretty cool tricks (who knew Sea Lions could impersonate Sharks!). I’m so glad we went and did something new for our Valentines day!

What did you do for your Valentines weekend? Would you ever go to a Safari or Burlesque show?
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