A Night at Jamie’s Italian Manchester

Recently Jordan and I got a little dressed up and headed out for an evening meal at Jamie’s Italian in Manchester together. We don’t often go out for meals like this (unless it’s a special occasion) but it’s something that we really enjoy doing and so when I was invited to visit the Manchester branch of Jamie’s Italian I jumped at the chance for an evening out for us both. I’ve actually been to Jamie’s Italian twice before, once in Bath and once here in Manchester for my 21st birthday last year and I have to say that I’ve loved it every time. The Manchester restaurant is my favourite by far of the two and I can’t really see it being beaten by any other; the architecture and layout of the building/space is so pretty and has such a lovely early 1900s feel about it (yeah, yeah, I know I’m geeking out a bit here but come on, this place is gorgeous!) We were seated in one of the best seats in the place (well at least I thought we were); the views from the balcony we were on was amazing as we could see across the entire restaurant below us and onto the other balconies which are situated along three sides of the restaurant. I think it’s such a great use of the space and can make your night out feel a little more intimate in such a large restaurant.

We were seated quickly and told the specials by our lovely waiter Michael who didn’t shy away from recommending his favourites and pointing out which dishes had recently been on Jamie’s current TV show with Jimmy Doherty, which definitely helped the both of us decide on our mains. For starters Jordan and I decided to share two of our favourites as we can never decide what to get. We went for the Italian Nachos which is actually crispy fried Ravioli filled with mozzarella and all the other good kinds of cheeses and comes with a really lovely spicy tomato sauce. They’re absolutely delicious and so more-ish! If I could have a massive tub of them to snack on at home like popcorn I definitely would.  We also shared a Spicy Meatball Bruschetta, made up of the best meatballs ever* and started off with a Sicilian Daiquiri each. Who doesn’t love a cocktail with their meal? Would’ve been rude not to to be honest.

For mains I opted for the Tagliatelli Bolognese, an option that wouldn’t shock you at all if you knew me. Bolognese is my all time favourite and at Jamie’s Italian it’s a dish that goes far above any others that I’ve tried before. The fresh egg pasta was cooked a little al dente which is just how I like it and you can really tell that it’s made fresh which I think really emphasises the taste. I also love that the ragu is made of a beef and pork mixture as it’s just a nice change from the minced beef that I make at home; to be honest, who am I kidding? This is way better than I could ever make at home. The garlic bread that I had as a side dish was also to-die-for, probably the best a garlic bread can get really! Jordan decided to have the Seabass special as he’s huge fish fan and he always complains he never gets to eat it with me now as I hate fish. Apparently, the fish was delicious and the crunchiness of the vegetables really stood out against the soft fish. I know for a fact that he liked the new potatoes (he’s massive fan of new potatoes) and the option of having two completely different sauces on the plate was nice to be able to choose between.

 For desert Jordan decided to be boring and have a coffee whilst I thought f*ck it and went for the Epic Brownie. Which is Epic, mouth watering and my all time favourite thing. The best chocolate brownie and ice cream you will ever taste – fact. I’m not too sure on the popcorn that’s added to the top, but honestly I’m not a pop corn fan so Jordan happily munched on that whilst drinking his orange flavoured coffee. Obviously we just had to get another Sicilian Daiquiri too because yet again, would’ve been a bit rude not too and they’re just far too yummy. This one was also a little stronger than the last which just made it even better!

We had an amazing time at Jamie’s Italian and can’t wait to go back again! Have you ever been to one of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants? I’d love to know what you’d pick from the menu.


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