The Saviour that is Cocoa Brown Instant Bronzing Gel

Cocoa Brown Instant Bronzing Gel

I am a self-proclaimed self hater of fake tanning. I love the look, but the process and dancing around trying to reach that one spot on my back for ages is just not my thing. Which of course explains why most of the time I stay pale and I try my best to rock it, but honestly there’s nothing more that I love than an easy tan. I’ve tried a couple in the past (you can read my ‘New Found Love for Instant Tans’ post to find out what I thought of them) but I have to admit that even those don’t come close to the love that I have for this beautiful new product from Cocoa Brown. As you may know, I’ve reviewed products from Marissa Carter’s CB range a couple of times now but I have to say this release has definitely been my favourite so far. The Instant Tan Bronzing Gel in Matte* has literally been a saviour to me over the festive period and I know it will be over Summer too!

This Bronzing Gel comes in two shades, Matte and Shimmer and for me I thought that Matte would be the best option. I’m definitely more of a subtle tan girl and that is exactly what this gel does. I have been applying this to my legs for nights out and to my shoulders, arms and chest area for when I want to take some blog photos (sneaky huh?). It’s the easiest faff-free tan ever and doesn’t even streak easily in the rain (perfectly demonstrated on NYE). I love that I can wash it off when I’m ready and I don’t have to scrub myself silly in the hope that it will fade. What can I say? I’m a sucker for the easy life and when it comes to beauty, that’s not always an option. The colour pay off is perfect, natural and not streaky at all. It’s also super easy to apply with Cocoa Brown’s new Delux Double Sided Velvet Mitt* which I have to say is also the nicest and most luxurious mitt I’ve ever used. The tan literally glides on and blends so well. I really like that this is a gel formulation; it’s got a great consistency and is really easy to blend and did I mention it gives a great natural look? I am in love with this Instant Tan and have to say hats off to Marissa Carter once again because this is another Cocoa Brown hit! I can’t wait to get some more of this in my life and to try the Shimmer version too!

You can pick up all of the Cocoa Brown range including the new Bronzing Gels at Cloud10Beauty!

Cocoa Brown Instant Bronzing Gel Review

Cocoa Brown instant Bronzing Gel review