Top 5 Party Perfect Fragrances

As a beauty blogger I have quite the extensive collection of makeup, beauty, skincare and of course (my favourite) fragrances. I’ve been collecting fragrances for quite some time now and I have to admit that my collection is actually a little bit embarrassing. I have something silly like 25 different bottles of fragrance and have had to stop myself from buying anymore recently and I can tell you now that stopping myself from buying some new beauties such as Marc Jacob’s new scent (which totally smells like Palma Violets) is heart breaking. But, I guess it is saving my pennies too! For this post I thought I would share my favourite few for going out in, in a Top 5 Party Perfect Fragrances post. If you are stuck on what kind of perfumes you like then you can always test different ones out with perfume samples to find your signature party scent. I hope you enjoy! I hope you enjoy!



Favourite number one is  probably my all-time favourite. Lady Gaga’s ‘Fame’ has been my go-to perfume since it came out and to this day I still absolutely love it for an every day scent as well as for going out. I’ve recommended this perfume more times than I can count and as soon as this bottle is empty I’ll definitely be re-purchasing it again and again! It has such a gorgeous musky scent (I’m really bad at describing fragrances so just hang in their with me) and the black colouring really intrigues me. I am obsessed with this perfume and so it’s definitely at the top of my Top 5 Party Perfect Fragrances list!

This beautifully big bottle of liquid scent was a Christmas present from Jordan’s Mum last year and I’ve been loving this more and more every time I go out. This is the kind of signature scent that I like to keep for when I’m going out and it’s definitely one of my favourites. It’s such a grown up scent and yet still got some gorgeous citrusy top notes. It’s the kind of scent that I wouldn’t usually buy for myself but I am so so glad I’ve been given as it’s just beautiful and perfect for a night out!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream is another all-time favourite. Again, this one was a gift for my birthday last year from my Auntie and it’s another that I save for special occasions. Marc Jacobs is a brand that everyone knows and loves. As far as fragrances go their always on the top of my wish list along with many other girls my age and beauty bloggers alike. Daisy Dream is a real fruity scent and so light and easy to wear and it was so easy to put into my top 5.

As you can see, Prada Candy is a very loved perfume in my house. I am actually very very sad that this bottle has probably only a few more spritz left in it. It’s literally the nicest perfume ever and so perfect that when I was given this for Christmas two years ago (I think) I went a bit mad with wearing this and left myself very little to wear now. It makes me so so sad. If I ever lift my Perfume spending ban, this one is definitely up there on my list of first to buy! Again this is a bit of a musky, citrusy scent (as you can tell it’s the kind of scent that I love) and it’s just really flirty and sweet and gorgeous for a night out for cocktails!

Last but not least is One Direction’s ‘That Moment’ perfume and please do not hate me for including this but it just smells so freaking good! I am not really a fan of tacky looking Celebrity perfumes but this one was something that I just could not say no to. I actually bought one of these for my Niece for Christmas and couldn’t help but pick one up for myself too. They were recently selling really cheap in my local Boots store and I just had to do it. It smells so sweet and in my opinion it’s not too dissimilar from the new Marc Jacobs Decadence perfume. I actually really love it at the moment and for a spritz on a night out you can’t really go too wrong!

All of the prices shown in the photos are based on a 50ml bottle (not always show in the photos). What perfumes are you loving lately that you think are perfect for a night out?