Top 5 Christmas Party Lipsticks

Another ‘Top 5’ post for you today; I’m massively on the Christmas Party hype now as the big day draws nearer and so I thought I’d share some of my favourite pieces for getting party ready. Today is my top 5 Christmas / New Years Party Lipsticks and I have to say I am obsessed with every colour on this list. I’m big on bright colours for a night out and I think this selection really shows that off. I mean who wants to go out without lipstick on? To me it definitely finishes off a look and makes me feel so much sexier than when I’m not wearing it. 

From the bottom up (on the arm of swatches) and from left to write (in my oh so gorgeous lipstick arrangement) first up is a MAC Lipstick. I don’t know why any of you would have thought the first wouldn’t be one from MAC to be honest. Lady Danger is my weapon of choice for a killer look on a night out. If I’m going for a subtle (yet still smokey) eye, then Lady D is always the first lippie I grab when gearing up. It’s such a gorgeous Red and so easy to apply (unlike a lot of Matte Red’s). It’s such a great colour and I always find myself coming back to it time and time again. Next up is Hue, another of my MAC favourites (as you can probably tell by the size of the bullet) this baby is almost done for and definitely has been well loved. I’m pretty sure Hue was one of the first MAC Lipsticks I purchased back in the day and I actually have already brought a replacement for this one as I love it so much. It’s a lovely nude colour which I find always works really well with some seriously over-dramatic eye makeup. 

Lipstick Number 3 is a beautiful Clarins number. This is the Joli rouge Lipstick in Joli Rouge (you can read my review of these in my Joli rouge Lipstick collection post) and it’s a beautifully creamy deep post box red. I really like this as it’s more of a ‘true’ red than Lady Danger which can look a little more orange-y. The Joli rouge lipsticks are some of my favourite aside from MAC as they’re so soft and hydrating and are literally just so nice on even chapped lips. Number 4 on my Top 5 for Christmas Parties is MAC’s Rebel. A lipstick that I never thought I’d buy let alone absolutely adore. It’s a lovely deep berry/ purple and is so much more wearable than I ever dreamt. I love to wear this with a more vampy look and to spice up my evening makeup! 

Last but not least is this Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick in Tawny Rose a major dupe (or in my opinion slightly better than) of MAC’s Velvet Teddy, the colours are so similar and yet I think the formulation of this lipstick is so much nicer. I described my full love for this and the similarities between the two in my Clarins Autumn Makeup Post. I love this lipstick so much and it’s perfect for a more subdued makeup look for an evening out, yet a little more in your face than Hue is! 

What are your Top 5 Party Lipsticks? Do you agree with any of my favourites?