Staying Hairless for Winter | Nair Nourish Wax Strips

Second in my hair removal series comes from a brand that I’ve featured on quite a bit since I started up over two years ago. And today I’m talking about waxing! I have to say, the word ‘wax’ scares me a little bit shitless if I’m completely honest. Apart from my brows, I’ve never had anything else waxed and after only hearing horror stories and I’ve dreaded the day I’d get any other part of my body waxed. Having recently been contacted by a PR company on behalf of Nair I thought it was about time I gave up the fear and got stuck in with a bit of leg waxing (you can forget bikini line completely!). I was very kindly sent a box of their new Nouris Japanese Cherry Blossom 7 in 1 Body Wax Strips* and Facial Wax Strips* to try. I started off by gently pulling apart one of the body was strips (no rubbing to warm up needed here) and folded over one half as the instructions told me to keep it fresh. I placed one firmly onto my leg and braced myself as Jordan got ready to have the time of his life, ripping it off of my leg (in the direction that the hairs grow of course!). My leg was actually left really smooth and I was quite surprised at how lovely it felt. It didn’t feel dry like I thought it would and I was actually really happy with the results. However, regardless of how impressed I was with my one very smooth leg, I just don’t think waxing is for me. I sadly had to resort to other means to de-hair my other leg as I just couldn’t bare the pain for the second leg (let alone thinking about waxing anywhere else). Anyone who tells you that waxing isn’t a little bit painful is not your friend. It hurts like a mother f*cker! I have to admit I am a massive baby when it comes to my pain threshold so these might actually be perfectly fine for every other normal person but for me, these are not. I absolutely love these strips and think they’re actually amazing for hair removal (which is good since it’s kind of their job), but I just wish they hurt me and my sensitive legs less! 

Have you ever tried home waxing strips before? What’s your stance on the pain of waxing? Are you a baby like me?