Christmas Gift Guide for Him

This one isn’t going to be as long as my Christmas Gift Guide for Her I promise! My gift guide for Him this year is a little gift guide that covers most of the spending spectrum in more expensive and slightly more affordable gifts for the men in your life. I’ve struggled quite a bit to get gifts for the men in my life this year and so I’m hoping that this little gift guide will at least give you an idea of what to get for yours!

Swig Executive Moulded Black Hip Flask* – £69.99, Swig

A good quality hip flask and holder like this is a great gift and I think that this is such a nice gift for the older men in your life. I’m actually going to be getting this one engraved and I’m going to give it to my Grandad as a joint Christmas / 80th birthday present later this month. I think it’s a really thoughtful touch to get something like this engraved, Swig actually do offer an engraving service on their website so it’s definitely something to think about when you are ordering.

Classic Sheffield Watch* – £179, Daniel Wellington

I think we all know how much I love Daniel Wellington. A watch from Daniel Wellington is such a classic timepiece and makes such a lovely gift. One of my closest friends actually received this watch for his birthday a couple of weeks ago and loves it, which makes me think again that it is just such a good gift. I also love that Daniel Wellington are offering free Christmas Gift Wrapping on all orders, it’s such a cute box and just looks so Christmassy!

The 1-2-3 Process* – £3.33 each, The Real Shaving Company

For something a little more affordable, I think The Real Shaving Company’s 1-2-3 process is perfect for a man that likes his grooming. You can actually mix and match this set as they’re sold individually and are a range of different types of each step. Which is great if you’ve got a man that prefers a shaving gel instead of a shaving cream. I’ve already let Jordan use these and he loves them; for such an inexpensive set its a really great gift for Christmas. 

Super Moisture Balm* – £29, Clarins Men

Exfoliating Cleanser* – £21.50, Clarins Men

I’ve written a full review of these Clarins’ Men Skincare products so make sure you go and take a look at that before you make any big decisions but I have to say Jordan absolutely swears by these products. As I said in that review they’re the kind of products that for some guys they wouldn’t go out and buy themselves so they make the perfect Christmas gifts. My rule is that anything you would like (and don’t need) but wouldn’t normally spend the money on yourself is the best kind of present. Clarins do some great gift sets for Men too, so take a look at the gift selection they have to see what’s best for you. They range in price and size so are really good for all kinds of budgets. 

Boss The Scent – £42.50, Boots

I bought this one for Jordan for his Birthday in November and he absolutely loved it. Hugo Boss is one of those brands that I think is always a good pick for men; it’s one that I think because of the adverts all guys think they’ll be that guy from Divergent when they wear it. I bought this because Jordan loves Hugo Boss and I actually really liked the smell of it myself. I definitely wouldn’t ever buy Jordan something I don’t like! I think this is a great idea for a gift (as Fragrance always is) and at £40 it doesn’t break the bank either – perfect!

Versace Man Eau Fraiche – £52.50, Boots

Another one that Jordan was given for his Birthday, this Versace fragrance is a little more expensive but another great scent for a Christmas gift. I think any fragrance with a designer name attached to it usually is a safe bet for a gift. Again, it’s usually something that a person (especially a guy) wouldn’t buy for themselves so it’s usually always a great pick! This is another scent that he loves and I’ve even been thinking of getting something like this for my Dad for Christmas now!

There we go, not as long as my Christmas Gift Guide for Her but hopefully this has still given you some ideas for the Men in your life! I’d love to know if you have any more ideas for what to get for them this Christmas.