An Evening with La Redoute

Saturday before last, after the #LeedsXmasMeet in Leeds (funny that) I made my way along to the La Redoute Bloggers Christmas Party with a couple of other blogger babes in tow. Walking into the room a little early we took the opportunity to sneak in a couple of cheeky pictures before anyone else arrived and managed to snag a couple of looks through the collections that were on show. The night kicked off quickly with lots more bloggers coming in from the rain and the lights being dimmed ready to get everyone into the party mood! Of course I had to pick up a cheeky Long Island Iced Tea and grab myself a bag of pick’n’mix before beginning to mingle with my girls Melody & Jess! The night was such a lovely get together with some old (and new) blogging friends celebrating La Redoute’s Christmas party wear. Being my first Blogger Christmas Party it was so much fun to be able to go to an event where we didn’t have information constantly thrown at us. As much as I love going to brand events, it was nice to actually have fun and be able to relax!

About an hour into the event we were all stood around ready for a speech from Lauren (the loveliest PR you ever will meet) where we were all told that we could try on any items we liked and take home our favourite! Of course we were so surprised by this and couldn’t wait to get trying on. At this point I have to say I was actually quite disappointed at how much of a frenzy it became; there were bloggers that were pushing their way to the racks to grab the item they wanted to take home and it was sad to see. I personally took this time to have a bit more of a chat with Lauren and learn a bit more about the brand, even though I’d been invited to the event, I hadn’t actually ever heard of the brand before and it was nice to talk to someone very in-the-know! When it finally came around to me picking out the outfit I’d like to take home I decided to go for something out of my usual comfort zone. Now, I have to admit that when I was imagining what this event would be like, I definitely did not envision getting half-naked in the boys toilets with several other blogging babes! It was an experience, I’ll tell you that! I absolutely fell in love with the jumpsuit that I tried on (yes, a jumpsuit!!) and I feel so lucky that it was available to take with me there and then. Being gifted a whole outfit is so generous of La Redoute and something that I know a lot of brands are quite scared to do at an event like this.

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of me in this gorgeous jumpsuit just yet because I’m not going to lie, I wore it out to my work’s Christmas party last weekend and I got far too drunk to take any decent photos in it ad its now in the wash! It will be up on the blog soon though so keep an eye out for an outfit post! In the mean time you can take a look at it on La Redoute’s website. Thank you so much to Lauren and all of the other lovely ladies at La Redoute for the invitation and such a great party, I can’t wait to see more of the collections in the future!