Going for the Chop!

For the past 21 years of my life I have had the same, boring, super-long hair. At Hip length, yep, you read that correctly, HIP length, my hair became pretty much un-manageable over the last year. All I ever managed to do with it was keep it long and natural (for about half hour after washing it), In a bun or in a high pony and it just got tedious. I’ve always been a fan of different hair styles and with hair as long as mine I just couldn’t do anything with it. If I wanted to curl it? No chance, it would be straight within minutes and I would’ve just wasted two hours burning myself for nothing! Straighten it? No point as it was so long it tangled in seconds anyway. I couldn’t even get a bit of extra volume with my beloved Sea Salt Spray as it just knotted / got dragged down by the weight of it. It had basically gotten to the point of no return with my hair and I had to give in. It was time for a change.

My best friend Melody has been begging me to Ombre my hair for so long now and so when I decided to make the change she was the first one I bounced ideas off of and obviously the only answer I kept getting was “Ombre!!”. Three weeks later and I’ve now had my hair changed by the lovely people at Red Angel Hair Company in Manchester and I could not be happier! It’s already so much easier to manage and an absolute breeze to style – especially curling! I am obsessed with the ombre effect and can’t wait to possibly go even lighter and shorter! Something I never thought I’d say! I just need to make sure I take extra care with it now and keep it in such a healthy condition. To help with this I’ve very kindly been sent some Creighton’s hair products to keep my Barnett in tip-top shape!

I’ve tried Creighton’s products before; the Beautiful Brunette Shampoo* and Conditioner* are ones that I’ve actually picked up myself many times before. I really love how smooth and clean they make my hair feel and considering how inexpensive they are I think they’re perfect for what I’d call an ‘everyday wash’ kind of hair wash. Not that I was my hair everyday, but you know what I mean! The Keratin Pro Conditioner* is something that I haven’t tried before however since having my hair changed I’ve been using this every other time that I do wash my hair. I just use this on the ends of my hair and leave it on for 2-3 minutes before rinsing it out. It just leaves my hair feeling so much healthier after a good deep condition! I’ve also wanted to get my hands on some Purple Shampoo and Conditioner since getting my hair dyed; As much as I’m really happy with the hair colour that I have now I also want it a hell of a lot blonder on the ends and I’ve heard that purple shampoo and conditioner is good for toning it and getting rid of the brassy colours for now as I wait until I am able to dye it and blonde it up again. Last but not least I’ve also been loving the Frizz No More Blow-dry cream*. For a girl who had ridiculously long hair before and never really bothered blow-drying, I’ve been liking spending the time drying my hair properly. These Creighton’s products are really lovely to use and for how inexpensive they are they’re perfect to look after your hair! 

What do you use / recommend for lighter hair and making sure that it’s happy and healthy?