Mary Jane Monochrome

If you saw my post with River Island earlier this week you’ll know that I’ve been trying to change up my style for a while now. Ever since moving to Manchester it’s been my mission to dress more like a grown up and step out of my clothing comfort zone. However since moving to Manchester I’ve also stumbled across a lot of new clothing retailers  and I’ve been loving picking out new bits from each one to try and put together new outfits. One in particular that I’ve been really liking browsing the online stores of has been Mary Jane Fashion, an online wholesaler based in Manchester. I love their easy styles and how on point with the latest fashion trends that they are and even though they’re a wholesaler, their prices are really good per item.

 A couple of my favourite pieces are some of the more basic ones and I think that’s what I love most about them; They have great staple items for sale. The first piece is the first on the image above, a Sleeveless Black Trench Jacket with a tie around the waist. I have wanted to get my hands on a simple black one of these for so long. Like literally, since even before I moved to Manchester, but all that I have seen have just not been what I’m looking for. What I love most about this jacket is that it is plain and understated. I know I want to change up my style a bit, but I still need to take baby steps and this looks the perfect one to me. I’d love to pair this with some ripped jeans and a white or grey t-shirt or even my next pick from Mary Jane Fashion, the Sleeveless, High Neck Grey Knit dress above. I absolutely love the look of this dress and love the idea of the splits at the sides (which do go quite high so Black Jeans / Leggings are a must here), I think it’s such a lovely design and such an easy thing to wear with still looking stylish. Come on, who doesn’t love a bit of lazy fashion?
Last but not least these ‘Olivia Palermo’ inspired Rip Legged Denim Dungarees are quite possibly my favourite thing to have stumbled upon. Styled with a white classic shirt underneath and some Chelsea Boots / Heels and you’ve got such an effortless look. I’m a massive fan of Olivia Palermo and I love that Mary Jane Fashion have taken inspiration from socialites to inspire the clothing that they sell. Celebrity culture is massive at the moment and being able to pick up something similar to your favourite celeb for such good value is what a lot of people are looking for, myself being one of them! Mary Jane Fashion are clearly keeping up with the trends and latest Celebrity looks and it shows well in their current collection! I’m loving a lot of their stuff!

You can check out their website to see all of their collections including their Celebrity Inspired Collection! They’ve got some great Halloween pieces at the moment too!


*This is a sponsored post