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I am such an advocate for a little blogger loving. I’d always want others to support me if  I ever achieved anything amazing so when it comes to other bloggers doing their bit and getting their name out there I am all for shouting my praises from the roof tops. The latest Beauty Blogger / Vlogger to achieve something massive in the Beauty Industry is Fleur De Force with her brand new Makeup collection. I have absolutely loved Fleur from day one having watched her videos for quite some time now and I am so proud for what she has achieved. Of course when I found out what her Makeup collection entailed I was even more excited and had to get my hands on them (no matter what my bank account tried to tell me!) I ordered one of the eye shadow quads and two lip glosses and already cannot wait to order more from Feel Unique!

I have to admit that when they first arrived I was a little disappointed with the packaging. Now don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that for the price of these items this is probably what was available, but I can’t help but think it looks a little too cheap / dare I say it, tacky. I’m a massive self-proclaimed makeup snob and I am all for beautiful packaging so it was a little bit of an anti-climax for me when they werent as pretty as sleek as I had hoped. However, saying that, the products themselves were so NOT a disappointment. I am in love! The first thing I got my mitts into was the eye shadow quad. I opted for the Cosmic Bronze palette as I am a huge sucker from a smokey brown eye and these colours looked so beautiful in Fleur’s video! I really like how easy the colours are to blend together and the pigmentation is actually really good, although I don’t know why I ever doubted that as Fleur is a stickler for a good pigmentation!

Next I got stuck into the lip glosses! I picked up the shades Written in the Stars and Starry Starry Night, the two that really caught my eyes the most when browsing. Written in the Stars is a gorgeous pinky-nude, a really nice ‘your lips but better’ kind of shade. It’s one that I’ve come to love wearing quite a bit (even though I’m not a lip gloss kind of girl at all). Starry Starry Night is a berry pink, perfect for the Autumnal months and amazingly pigmented. In fact, both of these are really well pigmented and I like that you can wear them alone without a lipstick underneath. That’s the kind of lazy girl gloss that I’m into! They’re such lovely shades and smell so much like Vanilla that it’s almost unreal. Think MAC lipstick vanilla but like 3x as powerful, it’s amazing!

I’m really impressed with the quality of Fleur’s products themselves and so proud of her for what she’s achieved! There’s so many more lip gloss colours in the collection and another eye shadow quad, of course not to mention the mirror and makeup bag too so don’t forget to check it all out at FeelUnique. Use Code 3FEEL30 to get £3 off of orders over £30!





  1. October 29, 2015 / 2:34 pm

    I have a post coming up on these items!
    The Cosmic Bronze eye-shadow quad is so good, especially the shimmery shade. I have three shades of the lipglosses and love them all, although I do find Starry Starry Night bleeds a lot and smudges.

    Sophie x

  2. October 29, 2015 / 9:17 pm

    It's a shame the packaging is tacky but I suppose for a cheaper product it's to be expected. I really want to try the eyeshadow quads! x

    Megan | http://www.meganjean.co.uk

  3. October 31, 2015 / 12:55 am

    Her products sound amazing and I love Fleur especially the way she speaks and carries herself! Her videos are very interesting.

    Chaste & Beautiful