21 Things before I’m 22

I’ve done it. I’ve finally bloody made it to 21 – does that mean I’m officially an adult now? Probably not. Does it mean that I know how to look after myself? Again, probably not, but then again, that’s why I live with Jordan and not on my own. I actually can’t believe that I’ve now been living away from ‘home’ for three months – It’s been the absolute best thing ever and I love living in Manchester with Jordan! But Moving to Manchester has definitely made me realise that there are so many more things I want to achieve before I’m 22! Here are some of them for my staple ‘Birthday’ post.

21 before I’m 22

1 / Jump out of a Plane in Memory of Scottie. If you would like to donate then please donate here. 

2 / Finally change my Hair. I’ve had this hairstyle for 21 years now. It needs to go!

3 / Get a Photo with Ariel at Disney World. I am a complete child. I cannot wait!

4 /  Buy a Mulberry Bag. This needs to happen this year. Heart Emoji Faces all around.

5 /  Take my blog to the Next Level. I need to step up my game. 

6 / Sort out my finances. I need to stop bouncing from payday to payday!

7 / Keep up with my fitness. I need a flat stomach!

8 / Attend more events in London for my blog – I need to start saying yes!

9 / ‘Homeify’ our Apartment. I need some more pretty ornaments in my life.

10 / Reach 2000 Subscribers on Bloglovin!

11 / Go on a Bloggers holiday! Already booked and ready to go with Centre Parcs in March!

12 / Meet at least one of my Blogging Idols!

13 / Go on a photography course and get my skills on point for pretty as F blog photos

14 / Become more confident with outfit posts on the blog!

15 / Buy a Tom Ford Perfume. 

16 / Defeat my Fears and go on the Tower of Terror ride in Disney Florida!

17 / Ride on the Hogwarts Express when visiting Universal Studios in Florida!

18 / Shop in a Sephora 

19 / Get back into Youtube!! This is a must – Melody, if you’re reading this. Make sure this happens!

20 / Meet up with some more Blogging Girlies, namely Megan from Thumbelina Lille & Jess from Blonde of Carbs!

21 / Be Happy and live life as much as I can. No Regrets!




  1. November 1, 2015 / 4:40 am

    Cute post, happy early birthday!