Orelia London Jewellery

I have been eyeing up the Orelia London collection for a while now. I absolutely love the dainty designs, gorgeous packaging and how delicate each piece is. I first came across Orelia in Topshop a couple of months ago and instantly loved how cute their jewellery was; I’m a huge sucker for gold and silver pieces that are tiny. Give me a statement necklace and sure, I may like it, but under-stated simple jewellery is where my heart is. I’ve been lucky enough to receive an Orelia London package through Etail PR blogger Network recently and I literally could not be happier with the pieces I was sent. They are all right up my street! My favourite has to be the silver infinity necklace*. The infinity pendant is such a cute little trinket and I love how it hugs against the base of my neck because of the short chain. I’m not a wearer of necklaces normally but I can really see this piece become something I wear all the time, it’s the perfect light weight that I don’t even realise I’m wearing it. My second favourites have to be the gold triangle earrings*; I’m a massive triangle fan recently (I have no idea why) and these are the perfect size to keep in my ears all the time – In fact they haven’t left my ears since I first picked this packet up from the post office! They’re so cute and just look so nice on my lobes for an everyday look. Honestly, I’m not huge fan of the top two pairs of earrings on the set of Leaf and Simple Stud pack* above. I get really scared that I’ll lose things like earrings and for me these ones are just a bit too small for my liking, but I think that if I had my upper lobe / tragus pierced these could look quite nice, but with my only piercings being my lobes, they’re just not right for me at the moment. I do however, love these mini feathers!

I’ve been really impressed by the quality of this Orelia Jewellery and I think I’ll have to have a look on their website or take a peep into one of the Topshop stores where they’re stocked to see if I like any of their other pieces. Have you ever heard of / tried out an Orelia London Jewellery before?

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  1. September 29, 2015 / 4:13 pm

    These pieces are gorgeous! I've never heard of this brand before but I'll definitely be checking them out as I'm a massive fan of dainty jewellery pieces!
    Amy x

  2. September 29, 2015 / 8:13 pm

    Really beautiful dainty pieces, I love them! xx