Cooking Up a Storm | Ozeri Frying Pans!

I’ve wanted to feature more foody posts on for some months now, so with a new city, a new flat and brand new frying pans, I thought ‘Why the hell not?’. I was very kindly sent this gorgeous set of 3 Ozeri Green Earth Frying pans* just before I moved and I could not wait to get using them. If you’ve been following BekyLou for a while now you may notice that I reviewed the smallest pan last year and I can tell you now, these pans are just as great as I remember (my Mum took claim of my old one). I absolutely love the hexagonal non-stick pattern and how easy it is to cook with and of course how easy it is to clean too! At £129.99 they’re not cheap but for a pack of three great frying pans with varying sizes it’s not too bad at all! Perfect for moving into your first home like Jordan and I have! I recently whacked one of these bad boys out to make Enchiladas as one of our first meals in the new flat!

The Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pans are so easy to cook with and are an absolute gem to clean too. The ceramic base heats up so quickly and there’s no hassle when it comes to keeping an eye on ingredients sticking to the bottom – it just doesn’t happen! This pack comes with an 8″, 10″ and 12″ pan which makes it perfect for every occasion. For my enchiladas I used the largest of the pans but for something smaller like eggs or bacon the 8″ is so much easier to quickly grab and use! It’s a great quality set but if you didn’t want to buy all three at once, they’re also available to buy individually on Amazon


** – I will be dong a sponsored Sky Dive for Wiltshire Air Ambulance in memory of my best friend / baby “brother” Scottie who sadly passed away recently. I’d love it if you would be so generous as to sponsor me for this great cause.