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Last week I was not been very well at all; excuse the gory details but my nose was completely bunged up (is that a word? Now I’ve written it it doesn’t look right), there’s was snot everywhere and to top it all off my throat was been on fire. Now when I’m ill, I usually go down like a sack of shit (such a west country saying) and I get it good and proper. To feel a little bit better when I’m feeling like this I like to give myself a good pampering and in this post, I’m going to show you what I like to do in my ‘poorly pamper routine’. 

First off, as always is a bath. I hate baths usually but when I’m ill, there’s nothing better after a long long sleep than lying in the bath and watching an episode of whatever series I’m binge watching on my laptop. For my bath on Friday, I used a Lush FUN bar to crumble in to create my bubbles and my god the pink one smells good! I’d ran out of bath bombs and bubble bar’s so I picked some up in London when I visited last week! As much as I usually hate baths, it’s definitely a little depressing when you go to have one and you realise your sister has used all of your supplies when she’s been home from Uni.

Whilst I’m in the bath I like to wear a face mask and a hair mask. Now on Friday I used my ‘Yes to Cucumbers’ face mask but as that is now running out, I picked an Origins one this week in London and I love it. I love the smell of this Cucumber face mask and although with my nose being a bit blocked so that I couldn’t smell it, it does leave such a cooling sensation on your face whilst it’s applied. Face masks are the ultimate pamper package for me, I try and use one once a week, but when your poorly, it’s the best remedy to just clean out your face and make you feel so much fresher. Lying in your pit when your unwell is the best thing ever, but sometimes having a bath or a shower and popping on a face mask can do the world of good for you. 

Step number three on the pamper party for poorly girls list is a hair mask. My hair is so freaking long that most packet hair masks don’t even make a dent on my hair. I literally opened a packet before my pamper bath and it didn’t even cover the back of my head, let alone all of my hair! Now I’d like to start making my own hair masks, but on the Friday I simply just used the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner; I lathered it all over my wet hair and then tied my hair into a bun on top of my head. Obviously I ignored the 3 minute part as I was in the bath watching an episode of Nashville for about half an hour, but this conditioner makes such a good hair mask and always leaves my hair feeling so smooth and silky soft! 

After pampering myself with the three above steps I like to get into some fresh pyjamas and go and sit on the sofa in my kitchen. Ideally I’d get my sheets changed at this point, but when your ill and your mum isn’t home to help, there’s not a lot of point in using all your energy on wrestling with the duvet! Water is my best friend at this stage and drinking a couple pints throughout the afternoon always makes me feel much better before crawling back into bed for a couple more episodes of Nashville  and cheekily playing on a couple of bingo sites! I don’t normally get into the habit of gambling or playing these sorts of games, but BINGO can be one of my favourites,  Especially when they give you start up funds with your first small deposit. 

What do you do to pamper yourself when you’re ill? Do you love a good face mask or bubble bath too?


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  1. June 12, 2015 / 7:55 pm

    I really want to try origins!! Still haven't and that is so bad being a blogger isn't it!! Xx