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When I first started regularly exercising I was quite disheartened when I wasn’t losing as much weight as I’d hoped. After starting Personal Training sessions I learnt that my diet was the thing that was holding me back and as soon as I started changing the way I was eating  I started seeing more results. I definitely think that healthy eating is a must when you’re trying to tone up and change your lifestyle and I tell you now, it’s not been the easiest thing for me to change. Getting the motivation to get to the gym / go for a run sometimes is often where I slack; or you know, when it’s someone’s birthday and there’s a sh*t tonne of cakes at work! It’s been hard but with a healthy balance of what I’ve been eating and the exercise I’ve been doing (come on ladies, pick up those weights) I’ve started to see some small improvements. One of my favourite new bathroom residents to help me track my weight gain and weight loss has to be the Ozeri WeightMaster Digital II Scales*. These scales have become such a massive part of my fitness journey and have helped me over the last couple of weeks with showing me where I’ve been going wrong.

The Ozeri Weight Master bathroom scales are the perfect ‘keep fit’ companion. Not only do they accurately measure your weight, but they also cleverly calculate your weight loss / gain and BMI as well. Over the past couple of weeks these scales have been the best thing and the worst thing to me. Obviously when they tell me I’ve lost a couple kilos they’re my best friend, but when they tell me I’ve gained weight, they’re not my favourite piece of equipment. Whether or not I like what they say though, I cannot deny that these scales are amazing. I really love how you can program in set profiles for different people in your house hold; as my Dad has also been using these, it’s been good to see how we’ve both changed without having to reset them every time. There’s literally nothing that we need to do other than step onto them and they instantly know who’s weight they’re measuring. I mean, they’re not psychic or anything, they don’t know my name, but through your weight they recognise which ‘profile’ is using them. As you can see in the photos below, after I stood on to weigh myself, they instantly knew that I was profile 1. They show my weight in the top of the screen and my BMI in the lower half. They also have this really cool feature whereby after showing the first screen (top photo) they then change either red or green depending on whether you’ve lost or gained weight. As you can see the second image below, when I measured myself this time, I’d lost 0.5kg. As the first message is ‘L3’ this means that the 0.5kg shown is an average weight loss over my last 3 weigh-ins.

I really have to say that these scales have become a favourite of mine. I’ve never before been an ambassador for bathroom scales as I’ve usually hated what they’ve said, but since starting my healthier lifestyle path and exercising more regularly, these have honestly been a great companion for the journey. It’s really encouraging to see the green light flash up when I know that I’ve been working hard, it’s definitely a bit of motivation from my scales – who knew! Although it still gets discouraging when the little screen displays as red, I know that it’s then determination in me that wants the screen to be green next time. I love them and think they’re such a clever idea. 

Have you ever tried bathroom scales like these? What are your thoughts on weiging yourself regularly?

You can pick up the Ozeri Weight Master II Scales for £29.99 (down from £69.99) on Amazon!



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