Beauty | My First False Lash Experience with Lash Boutique*

As an avid lover of beauty and fashion I’ve often been told that it’s a little bit shocking that I have never worn false eye lashes. I naturally have quite long eye lashes and so I’ve never really seen the point on buying myself false ones. I’ve loved the look of designs before and loved the look on friends and family, but for me I just didn’t think I needed them. Of course I think a lot of it was also not wanting to get them terribly wrong and look like an absolute tit! I’m not great with hand-eye coordination and so I guess a massive part of me never trying them before has also got to do with being nervous of not being able to apply them after spending money on them! However, when I was recently contacted by Lash Boutique, I decided that now was the time that I become a fully-fledged beauty obsessive and give lashes a go!

I was very generously sent 4 different sets of lashes to try out (Gracie, Lou Lou, Hannah and Chloe*) and I have to say for the first couple of days I didn’t even touch them, scared of even attempting to put them on! Being a newbie is difficult, you never know where to start! Finally Jordan agreed to help me apply them and I couldn’t believe how simple it was and how much I was worried about messing up something so simple! I applied (well Jordan applied) the Lou Lou lashes to me and I absolutely loved them! To try them out I just applied them for a normal day, but I can see these being a perfect pair for a night out too. They are so lightweight and after initially putting them on I finally got used to them and I couldn’t even tell that I was wearing them. I absolutely loved that these also came with Lash Boutique’s own black lash glue – yes black! I’ve never heard of lash glue being black before but I honestly think that this is such a good idea – it was easily concealable with bit of liquid eyeliner and with a flick of mascara I couldn’t really see that they were all that false.

I have to say, my mind has totally been changed by these Lash Boutique Lou Lou Lashes* and I really do love them – I’ve got them stashed away ready for my next night out for sure. I love how dramatic they look but also how natural they seem at the same time. They really make a difference with my night out makeup and I do feel so much more confident with them on! Have you tried many false lashes brands before? You can pick up Lash Boutique lashes here for just £5.49 a pair!!