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As a lover of all things makeup and as a self-proclaimed obsessive when it comes to buying makeup and accessories, I don’t think it’ll come as much of a surprise when I say that I’ve bought some more makeup brushes. I think this brings my total now to around 70+ and although these new ones are gorgeous, I am a little bit disgraced with myself for having so many now. Somebody please stop me!

I first stumbled across Caribou makeup brushes after they followed me on Twitter a couple of months back and at first I was just happy to have another brand following me but then my makeup brush obsessive inner child just had to explore their site! I was so impressed with the look of the brushes but with a top price of £229 for their Long Lasting Brush Collection (reviewed in this post) I wasn’t able to justify the money at all and had to leave the site without making a purchase – cry! However, skip forward a couple of months and I noticed that Caribou were having a sale and this beautiful set had dramatically dropped to only £29! I dropped the company an email and found out that Caribou are currently selling their brush collections so cheap to try and reach their goal of planting 10,000 trees before Earth Day. What I didn’t know about Caribou Cosmetics is that they are totally aware of environmental issues around the world and are a brand driven by a couple that have a passion for helping the damage caused by deforestation within rain forests after experiencing it first hand a couple of years ago. For every Caribou brush purchased, they are investing in helping with the changes needed through replanting trees and integrating farming and animals to the same spaces. I think this is such an amazing cause and I’m so proud as a a beauty lover to see that there are independent brands out there trying to make a difference.  At £29 you really cannot say no to this set and if it helps a cause too, I’m all over it! But If I still haven’t sold you just yet, take a look at my review below! You can learn more about their Vision here!

The Long Lasting Brush Collection | RRP: £229 – Currently: £29 | Link

The Long Lasting Brush Collection contains 12 brushes and comes with this gorgeous leather rolling pouch which is perfect for travel and just looks so professional! I really really love this pouch and love that this collection comes with it, I think it’s such a great piece and the individual brush compartments and flip down protection cover just make it so much more practical too. When it comes to the brushes I am so impressed with the quality, it’s expected with expensive brushes, but you don’t always get it and I have to say that I don’t quite know how they’re managing to sell this set so cheaply at the moment. I am in love!

The Set includes 4 big brushes, a dual-fibre powder brush, dual-fibre blusher brush, dual-fibre precision contour brush and a foundation brush. The Dual-Fibre Powder brush is a lovely size; I often find that powder brushes can be too large and it can be off-putting as I don’t think that overly large powder brushes are much good for my little head, but this one is a gorgeous size and has swiftly become my go-to for my powder foundations. The Dual-Fibre blusher and precision contour brushes are ones that I’ve already had the most use out of, being a huge love of blush and bronzer I now use these brushes on a daily basis and they give such a nice finish. They pick up product really well and don’t hang on to it like some other brushes can which saves on product loss. The foundation brush isn’t something that I would usually use due to the fact that I don’t usually wear liquid foundation, but again it is really soft and unusually for a flat foundation brush it’s also quite flexible so I’m sure I’ll be able to find another use for it soon!

From left to right, the above photo shows the collection’s smaller brushes. I’m a huge fan of eye makeup and so I can never get enough of eye brushes! The first brush is Lash brush / Spoole, Personally I’ve been using this for keeping my brows in check, but for using this on friends, I’d give it a scrub up and use it for Mascara (as to not spread germs of course).The second brush in the above photo is the Dual-Fibre Angled Brow Brush, I am all about the brows and this brush is perfect for shaping with my beloved brow powder. I love angled brushes for brows as they’re perfect for shaping and creating slick lines for a strong eyebrow. Brush number three is a bullet tip eye smudger, not something that I’ve tried before and in all honestly it’s not something that I can claim I know what to do with, but I’m sure it’ll come in handy some day! The Precision Eye Liner brush is the fourth in the line up and this is perfect for gel eyeliner and getting that perfect line, I’ve wanted to dabble in the realms of gel eyeliner and now I’ve got this brush, I think it’s about time I did.

I’m going to be honest with you now, out of the next four brushes, I’m not entirely sure which is which according to the website’s list, however I know that one of them is definitely either a Dual-Fibre Concealer brush, Dual-Fibre All Over Eye Brush, Dual-Fibre Eye Blending brush or a lip brush. I’m guessing that brush number 6 in the above line up is the lip brush, something that I have been needing for a while. I’m not always the most skilled when it comes to applying bold coloured lipsticks and so a lip brush is perfect for me to get it 100% right first time! Again for the conceal brush, I’d probably use this for something else. I tend to use a bigger foundation brush for my concealer and so I would personally use this brush as a base shadow brush, perfect for compacting shadow onto my eye lids. I love the fluffy Eye blending brush (I think I know which one this is) as it’s not too dissimilar to my MAC 217 brush and applies shadow wonderfully along my crease, the same with the All over Eye brush (I think) as it’s great for a base colour.

I love these brushes and really like the ethics behind the company. Caribou Cosmetics also have two other collections in their sale at the moment, you can check out the Longest Lasting Face Collection here for £24 and the Longest Lasting Eye Brush Collection here for £19. Keep an eye out on my blog soon for my next big giveaway which will be including this gorgeous Long Lasting Brush Collection!




  1. April 9, 2015 / 6:04 pm

    Wow such a great deal – saving £200 is insane! They look soft, though, I wouldn't buy them for £229! x

    Jasmine ||