Beauty | Feeling Naturally Tanned with Sunkissed*

Fake Tan. Two words that I usually shy away from as much as I can, but this year, I’m starting to love fake tanning more and more. If you haven’t realised, lately I’ve become extremely obsessed with my fitness and I really love the effect that fake tan gives me as my abs are starting to develop (yes, that’s right my abs are finally coming through!). I look more defined and it does make me feel so much more confident. My tan of choice this time around has been Sunkissed 1 Hour Rapid Tan Mousse* and I must say, when Jordan was applying this to me (yep, my boyfriend is my personal tanner) we were both a little scared at what the end result would be. This tan is a mousse and let me tell you, this definitely goes a long long way! When a small squirt of mousse is applied it appears very dark and is so creamy that it equally covers a lot of skin – I think one squirt managed my whole stomach and only two for my back (obviously with a bit more for blending). Trusting the brand that I’d be a lovely colour and Jordan to make sure I was streak-free we liberally applied the tan.

An hour and a half later (Sunday Roast stood in between me and a shower, but who’s going to pass up on a roast?) I got in the shower and washed off the excess tan. When I emerged, I was really disappointed as to me, it looked as if all of my tan had been removed by the water. I threw on some comfies and within about half an hour I noticed my tan had re-appeared – okay, well not literally, the tan had obviously kept developing after my shower. I then looked a gorgeous natural tan and I cannot tell you how happy I was! I have been so impressed by this Sunkissed fake tan and at £4.99 it’s kind of a little unbelievable how good it actually is. I reviewed Sunkissed Instant tan here last Summer and   as much as I really liked that tan, this new Rapid Tan Mousse has got to be my favourite by far. I really love this tan and it has made me want to tan more often! You can pick it up here.




  1. April 22, 2015 / 8:32 pm

    This sounds amazing!