Beauty | Tanning up for Summer with Cocoa Brown*

If you’ve been following me a while, you’ll know that last year I reviewed about every tan going (well maybe not all of them, but a good fair few). I was never a girl to tan before last summer; I’m pale as anything and just used to embrace it, but now Spring is approaching fast again and soon Summer will be back and I do not want to be snow white for those months! Cocoa Brown Tan is a tan that I first tried last year when I received it in a goody bag at an event, I wrote my first impressions review on it (here) as a comparison against Vita Liberata and I was really really impressed with it (it completely blew VL out of the water). This year, the lovely ladies at Cocoa Brown have sent me a bottle to review again and I have to say, I’m definitely still sticking with my initial opinion!

Having friends that are avid tanners, I’ve heard some great things about Cocoa Brown from them and have also converted a few of them from more expensive brands myself. I absolutely love that Cocoa Brown is such an affordable tan – before we get into anything else, I think that this definitely needs to be mentioned. Most fake tans nowadays are really expensive, save the few cheaper brands which, well really aren’t worth your money for the product that you get. In the past the price of a good fake tan has always put me off. I’m a girl who likes to spend, but I also know the value of money and won’t waste it on something I don’t really like. Cocoa Brown is perfect at an affordable £7.99 per bottle and it does last at least 2, maybe three rounds of tan.

The Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan* is a mousse tan, which I honestly prefer so much over lotions and sprays. I love how you can get a really even cover and it’s easy to see where lines need to be blended. It effortlessly glides over the skin using the Pink Tanning Mitt* and doesn’t feel too drying on the skin. In previous tans that I have tried I’ve always had to moisturise in advance of tanning; with Cocoa Brown, I don’t feel that it’s necessary as the mousse is quite moisturising itself. As you can see with my before and after photos above, the tan shows a lovely colour after after a couple hours wear and a shower off. I really like that this tan is low-maintenance – by that, I mean that with this tan, you really can pop it on an hour or two before you go out and quickly rinse it off before you leave the house! Personally, I left the tan on for 3 hours when I tried it this time. If I tan, I want to make the most of it and see a natural looking difference than just tanning a tiny bit. With this 1 hour tan, the guidelines are that 1 hour gives you a light glow, 2, a medium glow and 3 hours gives you a darker glow. I absolutely love this product and the fact that its not really like any other tan. It doesn’t smell like normal tans (no biscuity scent here) it’s lovely and fresh and it’s not an over-night ‘bed sheets need to be cleaned’ nightmare as the tanning process is complete within hours and it dries really quickly, so no mess!

I would honestly recommend Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan to anyone. You can now pick up Cocoa Brown products in Tesco Stores in the UK and also in any Ricky’s in NYC. Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?




  1. March 15, 2015 / 9:31 pm

    I'm such a novice when it comes to tan! For a while, I tried the Dove tanning moisturiser, but it smelt of custard and didn't seem to work. I'm definitely tempted to try some of this, as I'm so pale at the moment! It looks really great, and for £7.99 it's worth it!

    • March 16, 2015 / 9:39 am

      I'm definitely not a fan of smelly tan.. Cocoa Brown definitely has my heart!x

    • March 16, 2015 / 9:40 am

      Ah you're so lucky! i'm either whiter than white or red! xx

    • March 29, 2015 / 8:24 pm

      They are! I do love Cocoa Brown! xx

    • March 29, 2015 / 8:24 pm

      You do1 x