New Schedule

Hello you lovely bunch.

After making a return to my blog last week and then being incredibly busy, I have decided that I’ll be changing my blogging schedule until after Christmas. I’ve become a right busy bee and just cannot find the time that I want or need to put into my blog posts. I think you all know how much of a perfectionist I can be and I’d rather give you one or two decent posts than three half-assed ones. So, in light of this, I’ll be changing my blog schedule from Tuesday, Friday and Sunday to a Wednesday (possibly an additional post each week if I find the time, keeps your peepers alert for those). I’m sorry if you’d like to see more from me, I know I’ve been a disappointment recently and this is just adding to that list, but I’d rather give you the best of my abilities than rushed and semi-thoughtless posts.
I hope you can all stay with me and I’ll see you on Wednesday!

Love you all and thanks for being here for me!