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Ozeri 4×3 motion digital pocket 3d pedometer | LINK

A lot of you know that I really enjoy my exercise. I’m the kind of girl that will get up on a saturday morning, hungover or not and go to bootcamp – rolling around in the mud, army crawling round obstacles, that kind of thing. When I heard about this Ozeri 4×3 motion Digital Pocket Pedometer, I jumped at the chance to give it a review. I’m always looking for ways to try and measure and control the amount of exercise I’m doing and this is a perfect little gadget for doing just that. It’s lightweight and can easily fit in any pocket (try the tiniest of zip pockets in the back of my lycra running leggings!) or can be used with the supplied strap. 

Unlike most pedometers where it’s usually really unreliable unless kept perfectly horizontal, this Ozeri pedometer uses tri-axis technology to provide accuracy in any kind of position – perfect for hanging around your neck/wrist whilst running too! I also love the fact that this pedometer tracks a lot more for you than just your step count; it can also track your distance, average speed, time spent exercising and (most importantly for me) the calories that you’ve burnt. I found the instruction manual really handy and after an initial start-up found the device really easy to use. 

This is the perfect device for anyone trying to understand more about their activities when exercising. The accuracy is amazing and it shows far more results than your average pedometer. It’s a little pricey at £39.99 (currently on sale on Amazon here for £15.95), but come on, it’s not exactly your average cereal box pedometer! It’s definitely worth a try and especially in the sale, is really good value for money.