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Hi, My name’s Daisy and I come from a small Teen Beauty Blog on the other side of the web! I have been following Beky’s blog for a little while now; and only recently realised the offered guest blogging posts, so I jumped at the chance! I am always looking for ways to expand my blog as well as myself! This is just a little post about beauty tips and tricks!

Pigmentation Lacking

If a beauty product suddenly lacks in pigmentation then you can lightly score the top layer to release pigmentation; or if your like me and would find it painful to purposely destroy the look of your makeup then use a piece of Sellotape to pick up the first layer of the product. By doing this you can release the pigmentation, The products will suddenly lack in pigmentation due to the oils from your fingers and brushes sealing the top layer of the product. (This especially occurs in baked products.) 

Moisturiser Base 

Before you apply your base makeup or even a primer start of with a moisturiser – not only does this lock in your product for the duration of your day; but also acts as a barrier. When you apply products to your face effectively your face eats away the product so by applying a moisturiser it acts as a barrier therefore should also help to clear or prevent breakouts.

Applying Powder 

When you’re applying powder (in particular) brush downwards so the hairs on your face lie flat. Then If you are applying a powder, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, etc; and don’t want it to look cake-y then gently dust a fan brush over your face to dust of the excess. 

Brightening Concealer 

Nobody wants to look like a zombie in the morning, so thats why the majority of use a brightening concealer, and then powder so it can stay for the duration of the day. (Of course.) But honestly in order to get the brightening complexion then you also need to powder your under eyes using a powder in a shade or two lighter. If your on a restricting budget then find an all round concealer, and use a powder one or two shades lighter instead; overall it gives the same effect. (Powders typically retail lower than concealers.) 

Multi Use Products 

We all wouldn’t mind saving a few pounds even if its to save for other luxurious beauty items but with the extensive range of beauty products us girls require it hard to save our pennies and even harder to save our pounds! If your on a budget save by doubling products, By holding a pencil liner under a flame for a second – let it cool for fifteen-seconds and the consistency will chance meaning you now have a gel liner. After you sharpen it instantly filters back to a kohl liner. You can also add petroleum jelly to pigments to make your own lipgloss. Pigments can also be used as coloured mascaras, add pigments to clear mascaras, and can even be used as nail varnishes when added to clear nail varnishes. Pigments are incredibly versatile and save money.

So those are MY five top makeup tips, but i’d love to hear yours just leave them in the comments below – I’d love to read them! 

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Thanks again Beky, and thanks to all of her lovely readers for taking the time to read my blog!

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  1. August 3, 2014 / 1:22 pm

    Brightening concealer is a must, especially when sleep doesn't do it's job 😉 xx