Review | Rituals Shikakai Secret Shampoo & Conditioner, Energy Bubbles, Bath foam*

Rituals have always been a brand that I’ve wanted to try and so when I was generously sent these gorgeous products to try, I genuinely squealed with excitement. Their ‘Brilliant Bliss’ Shampoo and ‘Shikakai Secret’ Conditioner are gorgeous hair products that have done my hair wonders. Both products are made with Indian Rose and Shikakai (a native Indian plant which as been used to make hair care since ancient times, cleverly named as it means ‘fruit for hair’ in Indian) and are loved for their ‘nourishing and ultra-shine’ capabilities. The Shikakai is included to give your hair a healthy shine and the Indian Rose, for a natural relaxing quality. I absolutely loved how soft my hair felt after using these products and how much nicer it felt even after blow-drying. I also loved how easy it was to use the conditioner as a hair mask, by leaving it on a while longer. 

There is nothing like a good bath! And this Rituals Energy Bubbles ‘luxurious bath foam’, definitely made for a good bath! This bubble bath is up there with the best, creating a lather of gorgeously scented bubbles, perfect for a bubble beard – a bubble bath is not a bubble bath if the bubbles are not up to scratch and you cannot make a bubble beard!! This product made my skin feel so soft after my bath and it almost made me feel like I didn’t need to moisturise straight after. 

I’ve been so impressed with these Rituals products and I cannot wait to get trying some more! 

You can buy Rituals ‘Brilliant Bliss’ Shampoo here for £9.50, ‘Shikakai Secret’ Conditioner here for £9.50 and the ‘Energy Bubbles’ luxurious bath foam here for £13.50.

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