Review | Beanies Flavoured Instant Coffee*

I was recently contacted and asked if I would like to try out some new flavoured instant coffee’s from Beanies. Not being able to drink coffee myself due to an allergy to caffeine where I go super hyper, I was reluctant to accept them at first. But after talking to my Dad, I chose my four flavours generously offered to me and handed them over to him when they arrived. An avid coffee drinker (try 4-6 mugs!) and lover of all types, (caffeinated, decaffeinated, instant and ground coffee), I asked him to give them a whirl and see what he thought. 

Turns out we already had a packet of Beanies’ Very Vanilla Ground Coffee in the fridge – always a good start! He’d picked this up once before and repurchased it because of his love for the strong aroma and great taste. The Ground Coffee, with a medium strength, was great because of its ability to be varied when it comes to the strength when strained through the Caffetiere. He’s a lover of the strong stuff!

Onto the jars of Beanies Instant Coffee*, he was originally a little sceptical that they wouldn’t taste as good as the ground coffee, however was proven wrong. Beanies recommend that you heap a nice ol’ teaspoon of coffee into your mug, but dad (liking his coffee strong) has found that one and a half teaspoons is perfect for him and it still keeps the defined taste of each flavour! His particular point (that he was very keen to point out) was that he could differentiate easily between the different flavours, something that surprised him and has now made him lean more to the flavoured coffee section of the supermarket than to the bog standard coffee, when buying more. Well done Beanies – you’ve made him a changed man!

He also wanted to compare these to the syrups that you can buy to add to coffees and other hot drinks, stating that with those, you are less likely to get a fuller flavour and more likely to get more of a sweetness, something that he has never liked. Beanies, for him, is a great combination of the smooth coffee he loves, with a great added flavour that isn’t overly sweet. 

Out of the four that we were sent (Rich Hazelnut, Double Chocolate, Caramel and French Vanilla) the Rich Hazelnut was his favourite, the flavour was as lovely as it smelt (as was with all of these – way to go!) and it didn’t have a burnt taste, like some roasted products can. His least favourite of the four was the Double Chocolate, but only because it had a bit of an overpowering bitterness for his taste, strange considering he’s a lover of dark chocolate also. However, he was surprised that these had a full coffee flavour as well as the added taste, not something that you can usually have with other flavoured brands. 

Overall, I think it’s fair to say he’s found a new love with Beanies’ Coffees. He’s already come back from the supermarket this past week with another jar of ‘Irish Cream’ flavoured Beanies instant coffee – his new favourite with a smooth creamy taste (even though he drinks his coffee black)!

You can buy Beanies’ Coffee here online for around £2.50 each or in Sainsbury’s stores nationwide!

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