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The Sun, as we all know, can be our best friend or our worst enemy.  We all go out into the Sun, bikini’s on, tan lotion on, hoping to bronze, but what we don’t realise is what’s actually happening with our skin. I recently learnt the hard way. I used a Sun Tan Lotion with an SPF of 30 whilst away in Ibiza on my first day. I spent the whole day under the 26 degree heat and came out with my body fried. I’m not just talking a little red here, I was full on sun burnt – lobster style. I learnt a massive lesson by not looking after myself properly and because of that now have no tan and my stomach and boobs peeling to shreds! 

My face, however, was covered in Benefit’s ‘Dream Screen’.  This nifty new product is an amazing sun block with an SPF of 45 and that turns matte within minutes, ready for makeup application over the top. I used it every day of my holiday and never burnt once on my face – a total contrast to the rest of my poor body! The packaging of this product is the cutest as well; with the classic look of Benefit’s B.Right skin care range in the light mint green with the cork-look lid, it’s perfect. It’s also a lovely little sized bottle, amazing for travelling and under the 100ml limit for hand luggage on an aeroplane!

For £25 for a small bottle, it may be out of some peoples price range but with how amazing this stuff is for a girl with snow white skin, like me, this stuff is beyond worth it. 

Come on Benefit, make us girls a Benefit sun cream next – the rest of our body needs some lovin’ as well! 

You can Pick Dream Screen up here for £25

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  1. June 22, 2014 / 4:26 pm

    I absolutely love the packaging – so pretty! Although it's pricey I'm tempted to pick this up before my holiday as I'm also really pale! I haven't been abroad for over ten years so I'm pretty sure my skin is going to be shocked! xo