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Your hair is something that just like your skin, can get used to products quite easily. With hair as long as mine (try the bottom of my back) I find that I have to swap up my hair products quite often to maintain the shine and ‘newly washed’ feel. The newest products that I have tried are from A’Kin by Purist.

A’Kin is a range that bases itself around purity. It’s ‘pure,safe and highly effective’, with the products having been formulated to ‘mimic the away had behaves naturally’ but of course, with optimum results. Their products are also suitable for Vegans and they are not tested on animals – in this day and age this is such a plus for products like these. 

I tested out the A’Kin Unscented Very Gentle Shampoo, which is formulated for people who have sensitive and irritated scalps (perfect for me and my dodgy burnt one). It is made of a blend of six powerful but gentle botanical cleansers which are mixed into a PH neutral unscented formula, kind to the skin! As well as looking after my scalp (I definitely noticed a huge difference in the level of irritation I had, following my shower), I also noticed how lovely and smooth it made my hair feel. This shampoo is perfect for a deep wash once a week or so – or so that’s what I think – it cleans well and leaves the hair feeling amazing and soft. The packaging for this is also really great, it comes in a bottle with an easy use pump which is great for dispersing the product easily when in the shower or bath – who has time to un-cap, squeeze and then re-cap the bottle anyway? 

I also got to try out the A’Kin Macadamia & Wheat Protein Conditioner which is essentially for ‘dry and damaged’ hair. It works an absolute charm on those pesky tangled tresses and leaves hair feeling super soft and also takes it back to its natural shiny state. I’ve also found that this conditioner leaves your hair smoother for longer, which for me is a godsend as many of you may know that I only wash my hair two or three times a week. The packaging for the conditioner (in size 225ml) is sadly not as great as that of the 500ml Shampoo. It’s more of a rectangular bottle with no pump to ease the dispensing of the product. It’s a shame really, because I think that could have worked well with this product also. I find it quite difficult to remove the product because of the tough plastic used for the bottle and am afraid I might have product waste when I can no longer get it all out.

Overall I absolutely have loved these two A’Kin hair care products and will definitely be trying some more from their range soon. You can pick up any of the A’Kin range products at their website here.

Unscented Very Gentle Shampoo | 225ml £10 | 500ml £18

Macadamia & Wheat Protein Contidioner | 225ml £10 | 500ml £18

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