Event | Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner Launch

Being a mahoosive fan of Benefit cosmetics means that I have been longing for this product launch for far too long now. I’ve been absolutely in love with their ‘They’re Real Mascara’ for as long as I can remember and these two new additions to the ‘They’re real’ family could not have come around at a more perfect time.  I spent Friday evening at Boots in Broadmead, Bristol, at a launch event for the two new beauties!

I had a great time, learning about the two newest products and perfecting my makeup look! The They’re Real Push Up Liner really is a great addition to the range and steps into a whole world of its own in the eye liner market. The amazing twist-up release of this product makes carrying it around with you all the easier too. With no fuss and no smudge – and most importantly no brushes or sharpeners to deal with – this new liner really makes a stand for ‘criminally easy’ liner application. Even me, a complete fail at all things liquid liner related, found this incredibly easy to work with. It’ll take some time for me to perfect my cat-eye flick, but with this liner, I can tell it won’t be long!

This liner combines all of the best bits from all previous liners before and gets rid of all of the bad ones. Designed for ease and a perfect narrow line, this liner has it all! One of the best qualities, I find, is the longevity of the product. It really does not budge! Even when purposefully trying my best to smudge it and make a mess, my perfect line and flick stuck in place without the tiniest hint of movement. Now, that is impressive! However, is this product too hard to get rid of?

Enter, ‘They’re Real Remover’, the third They’re Real product (launched at the same time as the liner) and my new best friend! This remover does the ultimate job of budging all other They’re Real products, a job that most eye makeup removers struggle to do. I think it’s such a clever branding move from Benefit to reveal a remover at the same time as the hard-to-budge liner, it definitely makes removing both the liner and mascara so much easier and is so gentle on the eyes as well. Being gentle with my eyes is something I take very seriously and so this product was also purchased!

I’ve been so impressed with these two products already, even after only trialing both a couple of times. They have definitely been worth the hype and the wait and now I cannot wait for Benefit to reveal their next new launches!

You can buy all of the They’re Real range here at Boots, or here at the Benefit website. The Push Up Liner is a great £18.50 and the remover is a steal at £14.50!

Ladies and gentlemen, the eagerly awaited Push Up Liner!

Gorgeous new packaging as well!

The thinest of lines! Remover is oil enriched for easy removal!

Definitely in love with this range!

They’re Real remover tackles the mascara and liner like a pro!

Beki, having a good ol’ scrub at her eyes with the new They’re Real Remover

Getting down and dirty with all of Benefit’s products!

Criminially easy!

Guilty as always! Check out my eyes!

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