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Ever since I started working full time, just before Christmas, I’ve been missing my daily routine of waking up when I want, experimenting with different makeup styles and having all day to just work with my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job now, but there are definitely some things that just aren’t the same. For one,  my makeup stash here is particularly small compared to that at home, however, I make the most of it and obviously there are just some things that I cannot live without.

Soap and Glory – Hand Food

Tapping away at a keyboard all day can make my hands extremely dry so I always make sure that I have a tube of Hand Food on my desk. It’s a miracle worker with my skin and leaves them feeling extra smooth and soft, the perfect pick up for when I’m needing a little pit of palm TLC. Hand Food is one of my favourite hand creams as it is with many other beauty bloggers and is just lovely with its shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow scents. The other quality that just adds to this perfect little tube is that it isn’t greasy – such a bonus when I’m needing to get back to work sharpish!

MAC – Studio Finish Concealer

There is nothing worse than having a pesky spot pop up halfway through the day and not having anything to cover it with, or having a makeup malfunction and needing a little bit of colour re-added to freshen things up and save the day. Having my trusty MAC Studio Finish concealer at my desk is such a life saver, it’s such a great concealer and is perfect for touch ups. I use my Benefit Boiing concealer in the morning before work, but I definitely think  that this MAC concealer is perfect for touch ups and it’s long lasting too which is an added bonus!

Benefit – Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation – Sample Size

I don’t know about you guys, but I find there is always an opportunity for me to need a bit of foundation; not just for day-day top ups but just for those evenings after work where you need to freshen up your face before going to a works gathering at the pub or if you’re going straight on to somewhere else. I find this little sample size bottle of Benefit’s marvelous foundation perfect for the job – even though it’s a tiny 5ml, it goes a long way and has lasted me quite a while already! It’s always worth picking up sample sizes of foundation if you can for this purpose alone, it’s so much better than lugging around a full sized product!

LUSH – Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Lush is loved for a lot of its products, but my favourite (by far) has to be their Bubblegum lip scrub. My lips can get quite dry throughout the day and a lip scrub is always something that I need to use to get them back to being lovely and smooth. Lush’s Bubblegum Lip Scrub is natural (made from sugar) and works wonders on the lips, it also – as you can probably tell – tastes just like bubble gum and as it’s made of sugar is edible (many a pot has been slowly nibbled on when a sugar craving hits).

Maybelline – Great Lash Mascara

This mascara is a great little carry-around item, it has a great formulation and has a small wand with a nicely spaced brush spooley, which is honestly a must have for a touch-up mascara. I don’t use this mascara on a daily basis – I have other branded mascaras for my every day look, however this really is a great product for those touch ups throughout the day or for a little extra before the end of work (or when it’s needed). This mascara has been a favourite of mine since I started wearing makeup properly back when I was 16, my Mum always had a tube of this lying around and I always used to steal it!

MAC Cremeshene Lipstick – Shy Girl

A trusty nude MAC lipstick is always a must have in the work makeup essentials. Shy Girl is the newest of my nudes and I am constantly picking it up at the moment – it’s just perfect for my ‘work face’ (as I like to call it) and as a Cremesheen it’s so hydrating throughout the day. More MAC lipsticks will definitely be added to the shopping cart soon!

What do you have on your desk at work or what do you keep in your school makeup bag?


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