The Dangers of Infected Makeup! – Feat EcoHydra Alcohol-Free Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser*

Have you ever dipped your finger into an eye shadow pot in Boots or Superdrug and wondered how many more people have done that as you applied it to your cheeks or to the back of your hand to test?

 How many times have you picked up a lipstick tester and applied it to your lips without thinking?

We have all believed for a while now that testers within beauty stores are the best things; easy to swatch and match to your skin tone. But have you ever thought how many other thousands of people have access to that same tester day-in-day out? Using testers is something that all of us girls think is just harmful fun; it saves our pennies on products that don’t suit us by allowing us to ‘try before we buy’.  But is it actually harmful? A survey (which was carried out over a whopping two years) has shown that cosmetic testers in stores all around are actually crawling with germs including E-Coli.
It was even stated that you could technically ‘catch’ diseases and infections such as Herpes through testing a lipstick on your lips that had been previously used by someone with the infection. Let’s be honest though, who really thinks that using a tester straight on the face is a good idea?! I definitely don’t! Even if I never thought that testers could carry so many germs and be ‘dirty’, I’ve certainly never used any testers on my face before. To me that is a massive no and now hearing this news, it’s even more of a solid rule.

Ecohydra (the most effective hand sanitiser on the market*) is now calling for health warnings and makeup test procedures to be placed next to testers in cosmetic stores. Their point is not that it has anything to do with the stores, but the consumers poor hygiene – let’s be honest, how many of you clean your hands before testing products? I know I can’t put my hands up to that. Testers can become contaminated very quickly and with customers not necessarily washing their hands before swatching it can become messy in those little pots and pans. It’s true what they say – coughs and sneezes really do spread diseases!

The lovely people at EcoHydra have come up with some top tips for make up testing to keep us all safe and disease free:

* Use EcoHydra hand sanitiser before and after use of a tester
* Avoid directly testing products onto your face, use the back of your hand or arm.
* If a tester looks particularly grim or dirty, ask the sales assistant for another – at the end of the day they’re going to want you to buy the product!

EcoHydra Alcohol-Free Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser* is a foam hand sanitiser that has been approved by the NHS and even NASA, killing up to 99.9999% of bacteria and leaving as little as only 10 germs on the hands. Considering the average pair of ‘clean’ hands can be carrying up to a crazy 10 million germs, this Hand Sanitiser is perfect for every hand cleaning needs! It dries extremely quickly by air drying naturally which is a benefit of this product being alcohol-free. It’s also enriched with Aloe Vera (a natural moisturiser) making it perfect for every day use.  You can pick up a bottle of EcoHydra Hand Sanitiser in Boots or online here for £2.49.


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  1. May 18, 2014 / 6:33 pm

    I never use testers on my face either (apart from at MAC where I've seen them use anti bacterial spray on their products before use). The ones in Boots etc aren't monitored and I've seen so many people stick their fingers in the pots and then people who just apply testers straight onto their face, eww haha!

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon