Review | Lauren’s Way Solution 60 Tan*

I’ve used a multiple of ‘instant’ tans recently and application on them has been interesting, some good, some terrible; this Lauren’s Way Solution 60 Rapid tan* is definitely one of the better. As some of you may know my little sister Holly is my go-to tanner and she can be quite opinionated when it comes to the process. This bottle, alike many others that I have seen, is a pump bottle which doesn’t use aerosol. Now at first, I thought that this would be a good thing, but as I have found with tans, this isn’t always best. This bottle, however, was quite clean, it didn’t make a mess when pumped and a nice amount of product came out each time – a definite plus.
Working with tan can always be difficult, you have to work fast with working it in and those pesky white streaky areas can be a b*tch to sort out if you haven’t worked fast enough. Being a mousse, the application of this tan was lovely; I always prefer mousse tans because I find they’re easier to work with.  It was however, a little to quick to dry and my sister found it difficult to blend in – after a lot of scrubbing and blending we were finally happy with the result.

The first time that I applied this tan, I showered before and stupidly put some deodorant on. Now most of you fake tanning pros will probably all be sat at your screens tutting and shaking your head at that comment. I know, stupid thing to do! Let’s just say, I was extremely shocked when after showering I came out with green arm pits. Yep – You read that right. Green. After just watching an episode of ‘The Call Centre’ where the tea lady Haley thought her arm pits had ‘gone off’ because they were green after tanning and me laughing so hard I almost cried, it was a bit of a home hitter when it happened to me. Karma truly is a b*tch. I showered again after realising the horror of my green pits and scrubbed until it hurt – I came out this time with whiter pits than I’d wanted but at least they weren’t green! The rest of my body however was a lovely golden brown that looked really natural and I was really impressed.
Second application a week later and I am loving this tan yet again. Deodorant was tossed aside and my sister applied the tan to me as usual (I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do when she heads of to Uni in a couple of months). Again the tan application was easy and even though it dries fast, if you work fast it’s lovely to blend and work with.

 I’ve been so impressed with this Lauren’s Way Solution 60 Instant tan* it gives such a lovely colour even after leaving on for just an hour and looks really natural, which is always the best result wanted from a tan. You can get Lauren’s Way tan in selected Superdrug stores and online here.


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