Review | Save the Blow Dry Moisture Eliminating Queen of Shower Caps*

Being a girl and being a girl with long hair, it can be an absolute pain in the ass to wash. Hence, why I only wash my hair once or twice a week. This is why, when this gorgeous Save the Blow Dry Shower Cap* popped through my door I was more than excited to try it out. This shower cap is such a smart little invention; it has a flannel cap sewn to the inside, keeping moisture out and not ruining your perfectly groomed hair. 

The next best feature of this is that you can easily turn it inside out and use it for a hair mask –  not ruining the towel lining. This is so perfect as hair masks have always been such an issue for me, they’re always so difficult to figure out and can get all messy when you can’t properly fix your hair up.  Save the BlowDry have honestly saved me here.

From a girl who has always had an issue using shower caps, this one has definitely change my mind about them and has made being gross and not washing my hair, that much easier! Plus, have you seen the cute colour and design?!

You can buy a Save the Blow Dry cap here  for £9.95!


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