Healthy Living | Obsessed with Fitness

As some of you may know, at the beginning of this year I made an oath with myself to start going to the gym more often. I thought it would be hard, I thought I would be wasting my money on the lovely members gym that I splashed out on, but surprisingly I’ve gone the complete opposite way.

I have become obsessed with exercise.

For a while, it was just as normal, me not being bothered and going just because I was spending the money; but then something in me changed and I went absolutely crazy. I cut down on eating sugar at work and bought myself a fruit bowl (don’t worry, I filled it with fruit too). Eating healthier has made me feel so much better in myself – but it’s also made me realise how obsessive this can be. I’m getting more relaxed with it now,  but I also went down a route of calorie counting like crazy. Becoming obsessive with exercise is one thing, but becoming obsessive with my calorie intake was taking it a little too far when I realised I was eating less that I was burning off before my exercise.

After controlling what I ate a little better, I started working with a personal trainer to get my abs in better shape. Honestly, I hate him most of the time, but I ache after and I know that means that something’s working. I also do a lot of swimming on top of all of the abs work outs that he does with me, its a great cool down and more cardio on top of my sessions on the Arc Trainer and the Bike.

It’s only been a couple of months, but already I’m kind of seeing a difference in my body and in my energy levels. I can’t wait to get stuck in more and see even more of a difference. I’ll update you soon!

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