Review | Batiste Dry Conditioner*

If there’s one thing that the majority of us beauty bloggers agree on, it’s that Batiste’s Dry Shampoo is the best. I know for a fact that in my stash right now, I have around four or five 200ml bottles and a couple of the mini’s floating around. It’s not something that I like to run out of. As washing my hair is quite a task and let’s face it not something that I need to do more than twice a week, Dry shampoo has become one of my ‘can’t live without’ staples. But what about conditioner? On the day’s where I do use dry shampoo, my hair has always lacked the shine and softness from a conditioner.

Enter Batiste. 

The brand has done it again – creating a product that is definitely going to become a lot of girls’ ‘can’t live without’ staple product. Batiste Dry Conditioner* was sent to me just over a week ago and already it’s in my pile for a ‘March favourites’ video. Having been ill and off work, I didn’t bother washing my hair the whole week, save for once, and in this time, this nifty little product gave my hair an extra boost of life on top of the dry shampoo. It aims to smooth fly away hairs and give your mop a conditioning boost and shine when it’s in need. Easy to use (the exact same technique as your Dry shampoo) you just spray it all over the hair and brush it through after a minute has passed. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this and adding a couple more to my stash when this one runs out. Well done Batiste, you deserve an applause!

You can buy Batiste Dry Conditioner here for £3.99

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