Guest Post | Floral Manicure Nail Art

Hello, there! Before I introduce myself, I just want to say thank you to Beky Lou for having me on her amazing blog as a guest writer! I am so excited to drop by. My name is Mackenzie and I write a little blog called Style Bento. I am currently 17 and freshly graduated from high school(!). My cat, Kitty, is the love of my life and glitter is my favorite color. My passions are beauty, fashion, cooking, and crafting, so Style Bento is where I pack all of my loves into one spot! I am American, but I’m currently living in Japan with my sister, her husband (who’s Japanese), and my niece and nephew while I study the language of the land. Right now, I am expected to be in Japan for 1 year and 3 months… and even though I’m a little homesick (who knew you can’t catch E! News in Japan?!), I am having a blast experimenting with Japanese fashion and beauty- the inspiration is enormous!

One of my favorite things in Japan is the nail art! Seriously, if you aren’t familiar with Japanese nail art, you simply must Google it. Seriously. You must. It’s outrageous! I have yet to go to a salon and pay the spectacularly high prices to get my own digits dressed in such delightful designs, but seeing all of the ladies around Tokyo who sport such fantastic nails inspires me to play around with what I can do myself. So, today I have for you one of my favorite designs that I’ve done so far, even if I do say so myself. The colors and cute little flowers remind a bit of Cath Kidston, which is mighty popular in Japan! And, I don’t know about where you’re reading this from, but in Tokyo, it’s freezing cold and snowing lots (the most snow in over 50 years… or something like that). Whenever I look down at my nails, though, I’m perked right up and reminded of the glorious sunshine and warm breezes that are (hopefully) soon to come!

So, without further ado… here are the simple instructions for my Flirty Floral Manicure.

  1. Start by prepping your nails with a swipe of nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. This gets rid of any natural oils or lotion that would stop the polish from adhering.

  2. Next, apply a coat of base polish to create an even surface for the pink polish to stick to. This step is totally optional, but I always do it because it helps reduce chipping.

  3. Once the base coat is dry, apply a coat of bright pink polish (you may need to two coats depending on the kind/brand you use).

  4. Using a dotting tool (which you can find online or at any beauty supply store), make the flowers. Use a light pink polish and make 2 or 3 flowers (each flower is 3 to 4 small dots) at the base of each nail, except the ring finger. On that finger, spread the flowers out all over the nail.

  5. Now, with white polish, use the dotting tool to make a white dot in the center of each flower.

  6. With a detailing brush, make a few leaves using green polish.

  7. Now for the final addition to the design, dip the dotting tool into a light blue polish and make a few random dots around the flowers.

  8. Allow everything to dry really well and apply a shiny top coat to seal everything in.

There you have it! Super simple, but oh so cute! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Oh, and I invite you to stop by Style Bento and say hi! I have lots to share and I love making new friends 

xoxo Mackenzie