Valentine’s Gift Guide / Wishlist


Valentines by beky-lou featuring a twin bell clock

Anybody else get a little moodier as that time of year rolls around again? I know I do…  Yet again the clock ticks forward, the days fly by and all of a sudden it’s the 14th February and I’m home alone eating a box of chocolates that I bought myself. Who says that just because nobody else will  buy you them that you can’t indulge on yourself? Valentine’s is to celebrate the one you love, right? Well, if there’s no other ‘special someone’, then I most certainly love myself more. Valentine’s day is very over commercialised and the idea of it honestly makes my skin crawl as a consumer, but at the same time and as bitter as I may seem about it from this side of the pond, I’d love to have someone to share Valentine’s with. I’m 19 and it so far, hasn’t happened. Hence why this post is a gift guide / wish list – Feel free to send me a little v-day gift you lovely bunch! 

In all seriousness, I love each an everyone one of these items and if you’re looking for a pressie for your lovely lady – or even a friend – then these are some of the best I’ve seen after a search on ye ol’ t’interweb. Guys keep note (or ladies, there’s no judging here) keep it sweet and romantic – we’re not all that impressed by how much you spend, but how much effort and thought you put into it! Flashy diamond Rolex that costs   £££?? No thanks, I’m sure as much as it would be nice to someday own one, us girls are more impressed and feel far more spoiled with a little thoughtful gift (a bit of dazzle won’t hurt though) and a romantic evening planned. Just something for you to think about… I know I’ll be enjoying my night with my two fave guys. Ben and Jerry. 

Have you got much planned for the big 1-4?

Let me know in the comments below. 





  1. February 9, 2014 / 9:42 am

    Cute ideas darl, but on the plus at least Ben & jerry doesn't answer back or moan ha ha xx