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As many of you may of heard the lovely Tanya Burr – one of our own – has recently launched a Lip Gloss and Nail Polish range alongside Eye Candy. Ever since I heard this was a go I’ve been desperate to get my hands on the nail polishes and see what gorgeous colours she was going to bring out. Not a massive fan of lip glosses in general, I haven’t bought any so far and instead I allowed myself a little extra spend on the nail polishes. I bought 4 in total and couldn’t wait for them to arrive.

The first thing I noticed about her range were the cute names for each polish, the ones that took my fancy were called ‘Peaches and Cream’, ‘Mini Marshamallow’, ‘Bright and Early’ and ‘Little Duck’. Now unfortunately – even though I ordered within 5 minutes of the products going live on Feel Unique – Two of the polishes I ordered haven’t arrived and my order is still ‘pending’. After receiving the other two, which are gorgeous, I’m so eager for me email notifications to ding and for an email saying ‘you’re order has been dispatched’ in my inbox. However the first two that have arrived are absolutely gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to tell you about them!

Left to Right: Little Duck – Peaches and Cream

I instantly filed and prepped my nails and applied Peaches and Cream. It’s such a beautiful nude peach and was so easy to apply. I’d say that it has quite a thin formula and was quite watery overall, but I’ve found this with Topshop ones before and they have been some of my favourites, so I’m hoping that these polishes can last as well, it’s already been a couple of days and without a topcoat they’ve lasted well not to chip so far. I was also impressed with the time that it took to dry to the touch – a lot of the time I find that nail polishes that have this consistency take quite a while to dry, I don’t know why, they just do, but this one dried within a reasonable time and was great after with not smudging  at the smallest touch of something. I cannot wait to try the other colours when they finally arrive!

Have you tried any of Tanya’s range yet? What do you think?

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    • February 15, 2014 / 9:00 pm

      They've turned out surprisingly well! I've had them on for a week now and only the tiniest chipping! so impressed! Xx

  1. February 16, 2014 / 9:31 pm

    I got Mischief Managed and Penguin Chic, and love them! They are much better than I expected actually. I want Little Duck next, such a cute shade. xx

  2. February 17, 2014 / 9:00 am

    I ordered in the presale and had to wait 2 weeks for my oder to be delivered was pretty disapointing but luckily I love the products and have already ordered more haha!


  3. February 17, 2014 / 8:36 pm

    I love the look of Little Duck! I haven't picked up any of the nail polishes yet but bought two of the lip glosses – Aurora and Champagne Toast. I wouldn't say I'm a lipgloss sort of girl either, but I love them! 🙂

    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles

  4. February 23, 2014 / 9:33 pm

    I'm loving the Tanya Burr range! I have a haul coming in the next week or so!