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A couple of weeks ago, I was sent this charming little bottle of Proactiv Oil Free Moisturiser* to try out. Proactiv has always been a brand that I have wanted to try – You know how it is, see an advert on tv with Vanessa Hudgens and Hayden Pantenierre doting on a brand and then you want their flawless skin and all of a sudden NEED those products. It’s been like that for me for so lomg that when this little package was left on my door mat I was beyond excited to give it a whirl.

Proactiv Oil Free Moisturiser is a great little product that I have been using ever since it arrived. I apply it every morning as soon I’ve stepped out of the shower and leave it to soak up whilst I get dressed and sort my hair out. I then apply my makeup as normal, primer first. I’ve never been the girl to moisturise properly in the mornings – naughty, I know – but with my makeup primer, I feel moisturised enough and have never wanted to put extra oil onto my face and into my pores. This Proactiv moisturiser however, has changed my mind completely. At first, I was a little skeptical as I noticed a few spots appear… but I fought through them and in a couple of days they were gone and my skin was starting to feel a lot healthier. I never knew how much a little moisture could brighten my skin so much.

As this moisturiser is Oil-Free it doesn’t clog the pores, which is perfect, yet it still soothes and softens the skin and the best part, which I’ve found that it does really well, is hydrate my skin. I’m also a massive fan of the fact that it has an SPF of 15 – not so much of an issue in this crazy weather that we’re having here in England at the moment, but when summer or even spring, finally arrive – it will be a total lifesaver. I don’t know about you lot, but I HATE putting sun cream on my face – the smell is too much, and I always find it difficult to work with my makeup and daily facial routine.

Overall I’ve really loved this moisturiser and will definitely be trying out some of the other products in the Proactiv ranges – despite the slightly heftier price list than I’m used to from my high-street facial care products, I think Proactiv is going to become one of my future staple skincare brands.

You can buy this Proactiv Oil Free Moisturiser here for £15.95 or here for £12.74


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  1. February 24, 2014 / 2:37 pm

    This sounds lovely, and the SPF is a definite bonus! I always struggle with using sunblock on my face, too :/

    Jess xo