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You may have seen that just after Christmas I wrote this post about a girly pamper night in with Danni from Danielle Saint. It seemed quite a popular post and so with a little encouragement from a new Survey that has been done, I decided to write a follow up post. All about girls nights – Do we really want to go out partying all of the time or is that just the stereotype for us young ones?

In the survey, undertaken by Ladbrokes Bingo, there were a couple of questions that definitely caught my eye. The first of these being Question 2:

Which of the below have you experienced / been annoyed by on an night out?

Now, as an open question, this could be quite a tough one to call – I, like most of you, usually enjoy my nights when I’m on them and don’t usually think of this in the moment, but looking at the options given, quite a few are being ticked off in my mind. For a start – just the other week, I ‘laddered my tights early on in the evening’, which is the third option on the long long list of choices. I never even thought about it at the time, but looking back, I must have looked a right d*ck walking around with a bloody gurt ladder running from thigh to ankle…
Another was ‘Girl in heels steps on your foot’ – another one that happened merely a few weeks back. The same night as the tights laddering incident in fact! A girl came out of no where and all of a sudden her heel was impaling the side of my ankle -okay so I was 10 or so Jagerbombs down at this point – she could have done it by accident, I can’t quite remember but still. I had a massive gash in my ankle and I now have a faint scar – luckily I was too drunk to remember it in the morning, the pain only started when I realised it was there!

Other options in this list included (Little red crosses next to them. Yep, they’ve ALL happened to me) :

Toilet tissue stuck to your shoe    X
Dress tucked in to knickers
Laddered your tights early in
evening  X
Fallen over in front of a crowd  X
Caught in the rain before the
night has
even started  X
Drink dropped over your outfit  X
Girl in heels steps on your foot  X
Ripped your outfit  X
Long queues to get in to club or
bar  X
Paying to get in to a club or bar  X
Long queues at the bar  X
Expensive drinks  X
Being leered at by men  X
Long wait for a taxi at the end
of the night                                X
Toilets not having any toilet
paper  X
Long queue for the toilet  X
Toilets not having a lock  X
Shoes / heels breaking  
Lose phone, coat or purse  
Having to look after a friend who
is really drunk  X
You’re sick in public
Seeing an ex   X
Falling out with a friend in a
drunken argument  X
Awful music all night  
Being the designated driver  X
Arguing with the doormen
Sore feet  X

Honestly, It’s a wonder I bother going out at all! I’m sure most of you out there are also ticking a fair few of those on the list.
I’ve never really thought about it really, but I guess as much as I like going out, I much prefer staying in. I’ve calculated that since Christmas, I’ve been out merely once. Not so much calculation to be done there after all. In 44 days I have been out drinking and in a club, once and until my weekend in Cardiff at the end of March, I think it will stay that way. Some may call that boring… but I bet anything the rest of you are the same.

Another question in the survey was:

‘Do you tend to prefer a girl’s night in more than a night on the tiles?’

A whopping 69.6% of 2000 ladies that took part in this survey said yes. That’s 1392 ladies. As much as I would have been one of the ‘yes” I am quite surprised that that was the majority vote. Is anyone else?
I do agree though and it’s definitely the cheaper out of the two, in fact, 60% of the women surveyed said that what’s great about a night in is that you don’t have to spend as much money as on a night out. I don’t disagree with this at all – I often lose money on a night out just because of my drunkenness!

The survey is full of incredible answers and questions that I would never have thought of had I conducted this questionnaire, it definitely has made me think more about my night out vs night in. I loved reading through people’s answers and was quite shocked by some of the results when it came to ideas for nights in. Honestly, I think my perfect night in with the girls would be, wine, lots of yummy food and a good movie – oh and of course there would be boy talk! I’m not into drinking games and don’t like drinking when I’m in the house, but after all, who needs a drink to have fun on a girls night??

Don’t forget to give the survey a read yourself here.

What do you think of the results?

Which do you prefer – a night on the town or a night in with the girls?

Let me know in the comments below. 



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  1. February 16, 2014 / 10:15 am

    This is a really interesting survey and yep, I've had almost all of those happen to me too. The worst was back when I started going out drinking and you could smoke in nightclubs and I was forever having holes burnt in my clothes or coming home with burn marks on my face from drunken idiots waving cigarettes around! I much, MUCH prefer a nice girls night in than a night out, where none of the above annoyances come into account 🙂 x

    Claire | AgentSmyth