Healthy Living | My Fitness Plan 2014

I’ve been meaning to do this plan for a very long time now. Ever since my friend Emma (YouTube here) got me out extremely early one morning for a swim and sauna, I’ve been wanting to continue the habit and get into a proper fitness buzz. I do barely any exercise, bar storming around the shops and so 2014 is my year. Yes, I’ve said this every year up until now and nothing has changed, but this year I’m determined. Quite honestly and most probably like most of you out there – it takes a lot of motivation to get me to the gym. I just quite honestly don’t want to do it, but something in me is pushing me to continue. Maybe it was the hefty amount thats left my account because of joining a private health club? Who knows… There’s just a little bit of determination in me which is slowly but surely turning into motivation.

I love swimming.

This week  (20th-26th) was my first week back joined up with the Health Club since we stopped being members as a family around two years ago. Getting a job (and let’s not forget being pushed by my dad to join with him) was the first step in this new found fitness kick. I signed up on Saturday and Monday was my first day in. So far this week, I’ve been very proud of myself. Here’s how it’s gone:

Monday 20th: 1000m – 30 mins

Tuesday 21st: rest day

Wednesday 22nd: 500m – 15 mins

Thursday 23rd: 700m – 20 mins

Friday 24th: Huge meal at Frankie and Benny’s – oops! Drank water – so feeling kinda good. 

Saturday 25th: 500m – 15 mins

Sunday 26th : Bought myself a swimming costume and goggles – this girl means business!

Monday 27th: 1000m – 25 mins
Tuesday 28th: rest day
Wednesday 29th: 500m – 12 mins
Thursday 30th: 1000m – forgot to time myself… Oops!

I am so proud of what I have managed over the past couple of weeks – changing my habits and actually pushing myself to get fitter. It’s been difficult but I’m glad I’ve done it, I’ve been sleeping a lot better and feeling much better in myself!

I’ve also just bit the bullet and signed up for a Personal Training session with one of the Health Club’s Personal Trainers, to get myself into the hell that is the gym. I thought doing it properly and having a set programme (when I’m paying for it) would be a much more worth while idea than just hopping on the bike when I felt like it and swimming most of the time. I’m aiming for full body fitness here, not just massive legs and arms from the breaststroke!

Overall, I’m thoroughly impressed with myself for the progress that I’ve made so far. It’ll be difficult to stick to, but like I said before – I am determined to make the most of the money I have spent. I plan to update you on how I’m doing over the next couple of weeks. My aim isn’t weight-loss as such as I feel like I am a healthy weight – losing anything more than a stone overall would be too much for me to lose, to the point where it would be unhealthy – but I am looking to tone up and be a fitter person. I’ve already noticed a dramatic change in my eating habits as a result of starting to do exercise again which is such a bonus as I need to become healthier with what I eat as well – Another post will follow shortly with my healthy eating plans! 

Have you made a resolution of joining the gym?

Have you done anything about it yet?

Let me know in the comments below…



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  1. January 31, 2014 / 2:55 pm

    Well done for doing all of that! Make sure to include weights into your regime too as that will burn more calories and tone you up quicker too! I've just signed up to InstructorLive which is £5.99 a month and has loads of classes on there so I've been doing that from home. Would love to see more fitness related posts from you soon and good luck with it all 🙂 x

    • February 1, 2014 / 10:23 am

      Thanks so much Hun, it means a lot. I'm definitely getting into the gym next week and weights are something I'm scared of haha. I might have to see what instructor live is.. Sounds good if you can do it at home! 🙂 that means so much, I'll definitely be writing some more fitness related posts thanks cxx