Healthy Living: Post Christmas Dinner!

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We all know that over Christmas we get a little bit distracted by the magic and all of those shiny wrapping papers of individually wrapped chocolates. It’s just something that happens to all of us and we cannot help it. The famous ‘Holiday weight’ is a bugger to push and so me and Emma (mentioned in my previous ‘Healthy Living’ post, link here) have decided to put together some post-crimbo fitness tips and tricks for you!

The first –
Resist the choccies! Put them back – just do it! You will not be able to start shifting this little extra weight if you do not stop eating. Harsh but true – no more festive treats for you, Christmas is over! Try and resist the gorgeous treats by opting for a healthier snack instead. Let’s be honest, do you really need to eat right now, or is it just because they’re being waved under your nose. Exactly. Listen to Beky, she at least thinks she knows best!

Numero Dos –
Go for a winter walk – Yep, that’s right, get off of your bottom and doing something active. The gym may be closed or you may just not have time for it due to family commitments, but who says you can’t go for a nice relaxing walk with them? Take the dog, your granny or just take a stroll on your own. It doesn’t have to be far, but a nice wintery walk is always one to please not only the family activities but also your guilt over eating that extra Yorkshire Pud at the Crimbo lunch!

Three –
Alcohol doesn’t need to be your numero uno this Christmas / New Years. Yes, it is time for celebration – but do you really need that glass of wine or bottle of Cider at every turn? Cut down on the booze on the daily basis and then you won’t feel so bad when those fireworks starting popping and you’re guzzling that champagne – or vodka – who’s judging?!

Fourthly –
Your new years resolution is to get to the gym more often, or at least go for a run once a week. It’s a horrible though, I know. But believe me, once you start, you will want to keep going. It gives you such a great feeling and the effects on your health is amazing. You can definitely feel it. Swimming is also another great option, I find there’s nothing better than an early morning swim, wakes you up and get’s you feeling amazing for the day ahead!



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  1. August 30, 2017 / 1:50 pm

    Beky, even no I crave for some choices. It aint that easy to stay away, but perhaps I can try. Else, a harder regime will have to be followed which I can't afford.