Review: Dirty Works Products*

For me, it’s all about having the perfect shower gel. It’s got to smell right, it’s got to lather properly and it’s got to do the job properly. I have to admit, when it comes to shower gels I usually stick to my favourites (Original Source mostly, I’m a sucker for their Tea Tree), however I’m always open to trying new products. The Dirty Works All of a Lather Body Wash* is beautiful. It’s scented really nicely, but isn’t too over-powering that it lasts ages after you’ve showered – a MUST for me as I love my perfumes and body mists. It lathers quickly and I’ve found is PERFECT for using as a base for shaving my legs (not an easy thing to find for me), it allows the blade of the razor to glide smoothly along my legs but at the same time also doesn’t create any irritation.  I also gave the Dirty Works Supreme Cream Body Butter* a try and boy has this changed my views on after-shower moisturising. Always thinking it wasn’t a necessary step in my daily routine, I often skipped it, but now, it’s an everyday must for me. This lovely balance of Shea butter and Almond Oil sinks evenly and quickly into the skin when rubbed onto your shower-fresh (slightly damp) body. I’ve definitely felt a remarkable difference in my skin after using this product everyday for a week. My body feels so much more refreshed and nourished and ready for the day!

Another product that I’ve never really used (or for that matter felt that I’ve ever really needed necessarily) is hand cream. I have fairly soft hands that don’t dry out too easily apart from during those super cold wintery days, which I am very grateful for! However I have found that using the Dirty Works You Soft Touch Hand Cream* has improved the feel of my hands – especially after washing them. I’ve found that it’s also become part of a daily routine to just reach into my handbag and dollop a little bit onto my palms to keep them feeling luscious all day.

All in all I would definitely recommend Dirty Works products’ I’ve found that they have become part of my everyday staples and I’ve fallen in love with them. They’re definitely a brand to look out for if you fancy trying something new. 

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    • October 29, 2013 / 2:56 am

      I must say these are genuinely such a good brand. Me and my auntie swear by them now xx