It’s my Birthday!

I know this isn’t my usual posting day but I’ve just been too excited! 

It’s my Birthday! 

And… What makes it even better? 

It’s halloween! 

Double the excitement as it is every year with me. I’d just like to use this post to say a MASSIVE thank you to all those who have followed me over this past month and a bit, whether that’s been via bloglovin’, GFC or on twitter. It means a lot to me and I love you all so much for it. I haven’t been blogging for long, but so far I’ve managed to gather a great following and I am so grateful for you all. I love blogging and wish to continue it for as long as I can.

Happy Halloween!
Here are some embarrassing snaps I’ve found on my Facebook!

My Little sister Holly, My Dad and Me on a hot sunny day when I was younger, The ugliest baby you ever did see, Holly and Me playing in an old baby bath.
From Left to Right:
Me and My best friend Ryan: In the pool, when we were babies & at prom 2 years ago.
Me slightly tipsy, 3am with my friends Josie and Becky, A Causal Pose..
Left to Right:
My sister, Auntie & Me aged 3/4 (I Think), My idea of a cool scrapbook photo, On a school trip aged 8 (I have the tacky heart shirt on), A younger birthday party – I’m third in!
Me and Harry Judd, Me and Tom Fletcher, Myself and Danny Jones, The love of my life Dougie Poynter and I.
On a school expedition to Morocco – yes that’s me in the middle! My Older Siter Teresa and I after being on a ride at Thorpe Park, Kim Radley and me on school leavers day, My best friend Rhiannon and me casually slurpin’ on milkshakes.
Me and Daddy outside Royal Alber Hall before McFly in September, Me and My Mum watching Harry from McFly at Strictly Live last year. a friend, myself and Rocky (from Customise Fashion on Youtube) at a friends 18th. Me and my old drama teacher doing what I love most – Stage Managing theatre!

I hope you have amazing Halloween’s and thanks again for supporting me and my blog!
Check out Kim Radley’s Blog HERE and Customise Fashion on Youtube HERE.




    • October 31, 2013 / 10:49 am

      thanks sweetie! xx

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