Back to school

It’s that time of year once again where the summer is coming to and end, Christmas cards and decorations are beginning to enter the shops and school is beginning again. 


That one word that kids dread as the summer holidays come to a close. Me, I’m excited to restart college. As many of you won’t know, I had to drop out of sixth form just over a year ago due to having Glandular Fever. I fell asleep during the majority of my AS exams that I was forced into sitting, no matter how ill I was (in isolation may I add) and as a result, got terrible results in two of my subjects. Miraculously, I passed those two subjects and astonishingly, I managed to scrape a B in business studies. 

For the past year, I’ve dealt with trying to get better and get my life back on track. I’ve had a couple part time jobs and now I’ve decided that I’m ready to go back to education. Back into the system where I can be judged and graded by the alphabet on my knowledge of certain subjects. I feel like I’ve been cheated of my A levels by the GF and now I’m taking it into my own hands to get my life properly back on track. 

School is something to be excited about, a place where I can learn new things. 

Plus. Who doesn’t like stationary shopping?! 

I must admit, I’m in love with my new Sharpie’s and Journal.