Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Magnitone Go Bare Lady Shaver Review

As a lady with hair and a lady who's hair (like all of us) grows wherever the hell it likes on her body, an easy to use shaver is a must-have. I've struggled for years to get my shaving down to a 'T' and even now at the age of 22, I still don't like my routine. However, I was recently kindly sent a new product from Magnitone (you know, the guys who make my favourite facial cleansing brush?) and the days of crappy razors are now behind me. Since receiving this beautiful shell shaped shaver in the post, I haven't used anything else. The Magnitone Go Bare is a 2 in 1 Trimmer + Shaver specifically designed for us ladies to help us with our intimate shaving; it's clever design boasts a two sided shaving head for a closer and more intimate shave and can be used wet or dry. The Go Bare is also 'handbag sized' according to the packaging, but honestly it's so much smaller than you'd think; I'm able to easily hold this in the palm of one hand, which makes it absolutely perfect for taking on the go with you. It even has a special travel safety feature, which means it's a great tool for travelling and you won't have those awkward moments where it's magically turned itself on during your journeys! 


Monday, 17 July 2017

How I get Sensationail Gel Nails at Home

The first time I had my nails gelled I didn't really know what was going on. My boyfriend at the time had suggested getting my nails done (long story short he was a bit pushy when it came to my appearance) and so I trotted off to a salon in the centre of Manchester with my friend Amy and sat down to have my nails pampered. I chose gel acrylics as my little stubs were less than desirable even with a lick of polish and thus started my once-every-four-week obsession to have my talons redone. I loved the look of them, how long they lasted and how easy they were to wear and although it was an expensive hobby, they were so much better than painting my nails at home and so much less hassle!


Monday, 10 July 2017

My Pregnancy Essential Products.

When I found out that I was pregnant I wanted to make sure I did everything I could to ensure this baby was healthy and happy growing inside me. I wanted to grab as many vitamins as I could, wanted to slather my belly in as many creams and potions as I could get my hands on to ensure my skin stayed supple and stretch-mark free and wanted to know everything I could about keeping baby happy. When it came down to it though it turns out there have only been a couple of products I've actually needed / used during my last two trimesters and as I'm now on the slow approach to the finish line with just 7 short weeks to go, I thought it was about time I gave you a round up of my fave products that have helped me through. 


Wednesday, 5 July 2017

KISS ImPress One-Touch Gel Nails Review

For many years I was far too lazy to do anything with my nails. I didn't file them regularly, I barely ever painted them and I'm ashamed to say, I was a biter. When my nails aren't looking their best and 'prettified' as I like to call them, I'm an absolute menace when it comes to nibbling them down to nothing. I never looked after my hands and nails properly and just couldn't be bothered with the faff of doing them. If you haven't gathered through reading my posts before, I'm not the most patient person in the world.

When I moved to Manchester and started taking more pride in my appearance (after being a little pushed into looking a certain way by my then boyfriend) I began getting my nails done at a Chinese salon. I had acrylics applied every four weeks for the majority of the year that I lived there and absolutely loved the way they looked. It was an expensive hobby and one that completely ruined my nails but the way that they looked and the way that I felt wearing them was worth it to me. 

When I moved back to Wiltshire and had quit my job I had my acrylics taken off and tried to work with the nails I had left. Long story short, they were papery and frail and looked horrible. I used so many nail strengthening products to try and get them back to life but after a few months, gave up and went back to biting them again. That was until my sister-in-law Emily started applying gel to them at home for me and I loved the way they looked again. After a few weeks of Emily painting them for me, I finally got my own kit and started gelling them myself, I loved the way they looked and they lasted so much longer than normal nail polish (which I have never been bothered with as it takes FAR too long to dry). With application taking barely any time and with them being good to go from the moment you wipe finishing product over them, gel was my go-to for everyday nails that lasted, but they just still weren't as pretty as my acrylics. I will have a post up soon on how I gel them myself though so please do let me know if you'd be interested in seeing that! 

I was introduced to Kiss ImPress nails a few weeks ago when I was very kindly sent a PR package with a couple of packets in. Having never been a fan of false nails at home, I pushed them to one side and didn't really give them much attention. Until of course I was bored one day and just had to have a play around. Turns out the ImPress nails (which are now endorsed by Pixie Lott) are one-touch application nails that don't require any glue or lengthy removal method, they basically press on and are ready to go!

I fell in love instantly with the designs and how easy they were to apply; for a day or two's wear, they're pretty spectacular. Obviously, being just 'stick on' they don't last long at all but for a special occasion they're just perfect! I did have higher hopes for how long these would last and being quite lazy, having to re-do my nails every couple of days is just a bit too much for me, but with these being instantly gorgeous and instantly party ready (or blog photo ready) they're pretty ideal. To apply these you prep your nails by filing and wiping over with the included prep wipe and then simply match up the correct size nails, peel back the film and firmly stick into place. That's it. That's all it takes to have beautiful nails with these. I was completely surprised by how simple they were and how well they lasted for the two days I've so far worn each set. You probably could get a bit more out of them, but by this time they usually start catching in my hair and on things and I'd honestly just have a day or two out of them than have this! They're not ideal if you're looking for a week long stint from your manicure but for a weekend, a night out or special occasion, these are fantastic. They stay on incredibly well, are pretty resilient with what they can handle and are some of the best stick on nails I've tried!

You can pick up your Kiss imPress nails online.
The beautiful Ring by featured in these photos can also be found online!

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